Webpage Browser Based Shift or Lunch or Break Bell Ringer Clock with Horn

50 Events, 1 Zone, 7 day programmable, through its own hosted webpage! See Product: DC-60N-BR-50-1RM-Master See video: 50 Event Web Page Browser based Bell Ringer No software to purchase all you need is a web browser like Google, Yahoo or Fire Fox and you can program it! No monthly subscriptions …


Large Outdoor Atomic Clock, Just turn it on…easy!

Just apply power and it will automatically sets to the correct time +/- 1 second every 15,000,000,000 years! GPS NIST satellite set, – No batteries, – No worries, automatic daylight savings adjustment See demonstration video: DC-150-GPS


Waterproof WIFI Clock

Network NTP Atomic time displayed in an all waterproof poly-carbonate enclosure. Used in wash down rooms, food processing, chemical cleanrooms, medical facilities etc.. Easy straight forward setup Atomic time up dates USA made Product more information: DC-40N-WIFI-NEMA Website: DC-Digital Contact Us

Network Clocks Browser based status webpage

Network Clocks Status? See the status of all of your Network clocks on one page!

Combines and displays the status of all of your DC-Digital Network Clocks on one browser based webpage – Instantly see all of you facilities clocks connections and synchronizations – No subscription service necessary – No proprietary computer software dependency – View anywhere on your network – Made in the USA …

8 Inch LED Wireless outdoor synchronized system digital clock

Outdoor System Time of Day Clocks – Wireless link

All of our clocks, timers, and displays can be wirelessly linked to accommodate as a system especially wirelessly. This system utilizes a wireless controller and wireless interface that has a range up to 1500 feet away along with store and forward technology for an infinite distance and number of outdoor …

59th Minute time of Day analog clock

59th Minute Reset Correction Network Master Clock

Webpage browser based network setup to output 59th minute correction, master clock. Connect to your network, point it to the ip address you want it to get the atomic time from, then connect your field reset wire to the terminal provided relay terminal block and let it run. Automatically corrects …

4 Inch LED Server Room Temperature Display and Wired Probe

When your Server Room Temperature Must Be Seen!

Darkness or light, from down the hall, through your video surveillance system, the 4 Inch LED display can be seen up to 200 feet away. Add a Network web page and you can see the temperature anywhere in the world. Mount the temperature probe where it is critical and begin …

Lowes DC-150-W-Sytem Computer controlled wireless 15 Inch LED Wireless Digital Clock System

Time Keeping and Efficiency is priority at Lowes!

Adding time keeping into your distribution center makes everyone aware of how important it is for efficiency, especially in moving product. DC-Digital was recently contracted by Lowes to supply all of the time keeping displays for several of their distribution centers. The clocks are wireless-ly synchronized to one central computer …

Amazon's Giant 30 Inch LED digital Wireless System clocks with Store and forward technology

Keeping time at Amazon dispatch centers

See video: DC-300-W-System (Master-Secondary Video) Built for Amazon, 2 giant 30 inch time of day clocks for one of Amazon’s distribution dispatch centers. Designed as a master-secondary system factory calibrated accuracy, wireless-ly linked for identical time display. With the store and forward feature they can add an infinite number of …

Network 4 Zone Computer Controlled Relay Module

Computer Controlled 4-Relay Module for Shift or Class Change.

Now you can setup an infinite number schedules for all of your bells, lights, doors, shifts all in one package. Computer controlled using our EZ-Time Windows 10 based software and the DC-RM-10-4 virtual port software, from anywhere. Control your class changes or Shift changes using our EZ-Time windows based scheduling …

Network Controlled 59th Minute Correction

Control Legacy 59th Minute Reset Analog Clocks through the Network

Introducing the DC-10N-CLK-59/12-RM-2 Correct your old 59th minute analog clocks and ring 2 different bell zones. Connected via Network virtual port and EZ-Time Computer software. DC-Digital DC-10N-CLK-59/12-RM-2 is a new product that receives time of day updates over an Ethernet connection via computer setup windows EZ-Time PC program, but has …

4 inch LED DIGITAL WIFI NTP network clock NEMA 4x enclosure

USFDA requires all food processing procedures on time

Food processing is critical to timing and all procedures need to be kept on a tight schedule. So Morgan Foods, to keep in line with the USFDA, looked towards DC-Digital for their time keeping methods. They installed the DC-40N-WIFI-NEMA-4x time of day atomic digital network clocks throughout the plant to …

Portable Battery operated, Wireless controlled Multi-Function Count Up Clock-Timer, Countdown Clock-Timer, Time of Day clock, track timer-clock with tripod and carrying case.

Totally portable multi-function track clock-timer with wireless controls, batteries, tripod, carrying case.

Run any timed track event with this large 8 inch digit, up to 400 feet viewing distance, sunlight resistant outdoor LEd’s with dimming feature for indoor-outdoor use, battery operated for up to 8 hours of usage, totally wireless with 150+ range handheld controller, multi-function clock, count up timer, countdown timer. …

Digital LED electronic timer in a stainless steel enclosure

Stainless Steel Timers,Clocks, Counters

We now have an enclosure that will fit the bill for wet, corrosive, harsh environments. It is a 316L stainless surface mount enclosure designed for clean rooms, food processing plants, washrooms, operating rooms, chemical rooms anywhere there is a possibility of the timer getting in contact with water, cleaning solutions …

Ez-Time wireless clock system with store and forward addressable relays in a nema enclosure

Custom Wireless Clock System and addressable relays in a NEMA Enclosure

Land of frost meats ordered a custom wireless NEMA enclosed digital clock and addressable relay system controlled by the EZ-Time computerized master clock program. What makes this system unique is that the wireless system is store and forward technology meaning as long as a wireless clock was in range (300-1500 ft.) …

Hospital code blue timer with remote timer set switch panel and synchronized to 2-wire clock system

Custom Code Blue Timer/System Clock for Hospital in DAUBI

American hospital in Daubi ordered this special timer to connect to their 2-wire DC-Digital clock system. It stays synchronized with the rest of the hospital clocks as well responding to a Code Blue Timer priority and along with those capabilities it also handles a timer up function (hours and Minutes) …

NEMA 4X Enclosed Atomic Network POE Digital LED Clock, 4 Inch Digits, Veiw-Able to 200 feet away

Network POE Atomic Clock with NEMA 4X Enclosure

Network POE (ETHERNET) 4 inch Digital LED Atomic Clock View-Able up to 200 feet away…See Video: DC-40N-POE-NEMA (Video)   Product Page: DC-40N-POE-NEMA Website: DC-Digital Questions: Contact Us

GPS-Atomic Master Clock that can sit in a window seal. Plug and Play

GPS-Wireless and Wired Master Clock for Synchronized System Clocks

Window seal mount Plug-n-Play GPS-Atomic Master clock for wireless or wired DC-Digital system clocks. DC-Digital has come up with a way to simply and economically transmit the time of day to all of your facilities clocks without interrupting the IT department or getting the electricians involved. Simply set the GPS …

12 volt atomic GPS Vehicle clock automatic Daylight savings 2.3 inch LEDs

Vehicle GPS- Atomic Clock

Special vehicle clock, charter buss, RV camper, 12 volt DC GPS-Atomic time of day clock. Flush mount low profile and 35 feet of extension cabling for allowing you to mount the GPS antenna any where on the outside or window area of the vehicle. 2.3 Inch LEDs view-able up to 120 …


Digital Time Zone Clocks with Electronic Changeable Location Captions

Set the time zones via free computer software. Time Zone Software v1.0 Time Zone Software v1 0 manual

Digital LED Outdoor GPS Atomic Clock automatic set

Construction Site Work Area GPS Atomic Clock

Construction sites around the USA will be able to give their workers completely accurate atomic time with this waterproof outdoor IP-66 all aluminum enclosed satellite GPS Clock. Just plug it in and within minutes it will lock onto the Atomic time and display it. Once it has had an initial …

Digital LED Outdoor GPS Atomic Clock automatic set

Atomic GPS Swimming Pool Clock

Swimming pools around the USA will be able to give their patrons completely accurate atomic time with this waterproof outdoor IP-66 all aluminum enclosed satellite GPS Clock. Just plug it in and within minutes it will lock onto the Atomic time and display it. Once it has had an initial …

Stationary Football Play-Delay of Game Clocks-Timers

UCLA Football Play Clocks

 The UCLA football team will use DC-Digital’s  DC-300P-S battery operated play clocks to keep the offense timing in sync. The DC-300P-S Delay of Game timers are RF-Wireless-ly controlled from a hand held portable controller and are powered off of batteries. They have  30 Inch digits and can be seen and controlled …

2-Digit, 8 inch outdoor Countdown timer with hard coded for 24 seconds

Kids Exhibit Basketball Shot Clock Countdown Timer

Red Box Workshop exhibits use our hand crafted built to order 2 Digit countdown timer shot clock for a kids basketball competition exhibit. This specific timer has a hard-coded program for a countdown time of 24 seconds. The kids would press a switch and it will reset to the hard-coded …

Large Master Secondary Indoor Clocks connected Via Wiring with Wireless Master Clock

Orion Energy Large System Clocks for Indoor

 Orion Lighting System’s Large digital clock system clocks have 8 inch digits and can be seen up to 400 feet away. The master clock has is wireless set and sets the secondary clocks by sending out the time stamp once every 10 seconds via a RJ-45 plug and Cat-5 cabling. DC-80S-W …

Static Number Display receives and displays only the numbers sent it through your network

Static Number Display-Display numbers fast

IAS Technology use the DC-40N-Static and a Crestron controller to instantly display any  set of numbers, for there customers. It’s pretty simple and straight forward technology that DC-Digital developed to give the end user total control of what gets displayed just by an 8 byte word sent UDP through the network.

Back to back Time and Temperature displays, 15 Inch Digits 750 feet viewing

DC-150 Time-Temperature Display

(2) DC-150-TT-GPS Back to back GPS-Atomic time and temperature displays with free hanging U-Bolt mounts. Large 15 Inch digits that can be seen up to 750 feet away having outdoor rated LED’s and IP-66 all aluminum extruded enclosures. This unit was ordered for the City of Hillsboro Oregon.

DC-300P-Portable-Battery Operated-Play-Delay-of-Game-Clocks-RF-Wireless-Remote-Controlled

New Football Play-Delay of Game Clocks for Lincoln University

Lincoln University recently purchased DC-300P.  The play clocks can be used for college or high school football games.  The clocks are operated with and easy to use remote control.  The DC-300P can be viewed up to 1500 ft away.  The digits on the DC-300P are 30 inches high.  The play …

DC-300P-Portable-Battery Operated-Play-Delay-of-Game-Clocks-RF-Wireless-Remote-Controlled

Saucon Valley Schools Get New Portable Football Delay of Game-Play clocks

Saucon Valley recently purchased DC-Digital DC-300P.  The play clocks are on a completely portable, wheeled, cart The clocks can run on batteries a minimum of 8 hours and use long range 900 Mhz RF wireless handheld controller.  The DC-300P have a viewing distance of 1500 ft.  The digits on the …


(DC-25-2W-System) Washington Redskins, additional clocks for their existing clock system

[ss_product id=’606a4a58-bb30-11e6-8c1d-9f104518daad’ sku=’DC-25-2W-System’ ](DC-25-2W-System) Digital System Time of Day Clock with 2.3 Inch Digits, 2-Wire (Wired System Secondary)[/ss_product] Washington Redskins recently purchase a 2-wire clock to add to their clock system that operates off of EZ-Time from Industrial Electronic Service and DC-Digital.  The DC-25-2W-System clock is an indoor unit and …


Mando Safety Scoreboard, Days Since Last Accident with traffic light type level indicators

Mando america is able to show at a glance the days of safety and also any warnings of accidents that may have occurred. Awareness to safety in a manufacturing facility is key in to efficiency. If a company makes all it’s employees aware then it’s a good chance that another …

Digital Time of Day Clock

JC Penny Recently adds to Their In Columbus, OH Facility

JC Penny purchased 3 DC-40-2W-System clocks for their facility in Columbus, Ohio.  The DC-40-2W-System clock uses 2 wires for data and power.  The DC-40-2W-System can be synchronized by EZ-Time, Network Master, GPS-MI or Mini-Master through a PS-24BD.  A synchronized clock system is beneficial for JC-Penny’s facility because it ensures that …


Washington Redskins adds another system clock to their complex

Washington Redskins recently purchase a 2-wire clock to add to their clock system that operates off of EZ-Time from Industrial Electronic Service and DC-Digital.  The DC-25-2W-System clock is an indoor unit and has a viewing distance of 120 ft. Outdoor clocks are also available.  The Washington Redskins have been a …


Baxter Healthcare adds to their wired Synchronized Clock System

[ss_product id=’60686012-bb30-11e6-be11-63ab80e12b5c’ sku=’DC-40-4W-System’ ](DC-40-4W-System) System Secondary Digital Time of Day Clock – 4.0 Inch Digit Height, 4 Digit, Red LED, 12/24 Hour[/ss_product] Baxter Healthcare purchased a  wired synchronized master clock system (EZ-Time with a CM-1) from DC-Digital in 2009.  Over the years they have added clocks to this system in …


Timers keep the baseball games rolling

Munster Little League from Munster Indiana wanted 4 waterproof countdown timers with wireless remotes to keep their games on schedule. They contacted us about providing a cost effect wireless outdoor combination countdown, count up and time of day display. When the countdown timers are not being used for keeping the …


Gun Competition Timer for Police charity Event

McDonald Lake Rod and Gun Club recently purchased a customized DC-806T-UP timer for a charity law enforcement event. They wanted it to function just like the timer on 3 Gun-Nation’s show and that is exactly what they got for this event. The timer is easily seen up to 400 feet with 8 …

About DC Digital

Comments from DC-Digital Manufacturing Dept.

Knowing that the work we accomplish will have a great effect on a customer is a good feeling. We start from hand stuffing our boards to custom building a clock with a customers needs and finish the project knowing we have full-filled the customers wishes. From sales to manufacturing to …


Computer Controlled Master Clock System to stagger production times and breaks

Coordinating labor efforts on an assembly line can be very challenging. What do the end of line laborers do to be productive while the start of line laborers complete their first process cycles? How can manufacturers reduce cyclical work in process that exists between subsequent processes? When the product is …


Outdoor Countdown clock with RF wireless remote controls

This large 15 inch digit outdoor timer has a RF wireless handheld remote control that allows the user to command all functions at the push of a button in any environment. Our competitors use an IR remote control that can only be used indoors out of the sunlight. The IP66 …


DC Digital waterproof & corrosion resistant Nema 4X and IP-66 enclosures

[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”no” equal_height_columns=”no” menu_anchor=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” background_color=”” background_image=”” background_position=”center center” background_repeat=”no-repeat” fade=”no” background_parallax=”none” parallax_speed=”0.3″ video_mp4=”” video_webm=”” video_ogv=”” video_url=”” video_aspect_ratio=”16:9″ video_loop=”yes” video_mute=”yes” overlay_color=”” video_preview_image=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” padding_top=”” padding_bottom=”” padding_left=”” padding_right=””][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ layout=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” border_position=”all” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ …

DC-25 X 2 Digital LED Days Since Last Accident with traffic light safety awareness

Webb Wheel Days Since last Accident safety scoreboard traffic lights

Adding traffic lights to indicate the safety awareness in a facility is what Webb Wheel was after and it gives the greatest impact as well as an easy quick visual. We housed the electronics in a all aluminum enclosure (other enclosure types available). Controlled by a RF wireless remote for …


Digital Time Zone Clock and Julian Days

McGuire AFB required a made in the USA (Hand crafted by the best) Time Zone Clock with Julian days. The DC-25TZ-2 + Julian was purchased. DC-Digital will make custom and or has standard product Digital time Zone clocks with Julian days display. See standard time zone clock products @ DC-Digital …


World Time Zone Digital Clocks DC-25TZ-3

Defense Intelligence Agency uses the DC-25TZ-3 to keep track of the time around the world. Each time zone is extremely visible with Red LED’s @ 2.3 inch digit height. Easily controlled by top mounted push-buttons that can set the hours as well as the minutes tens for 1/2 hour offsets. …


Multi-Functional Digital Display for Signage

DC-25-OEM ,Is a 4 Digit Red LED digital multi-functional days counter, timer, clock or number display, designed to drop into any sign, safety scoreboard, ad panel, wall or floor display and just be plugged in, no programming, no wiring. It ads illuminated enhancement to any visual display. It comes with …


Dynamite Gymnastics Recently Purchased A DC-40-S-W

Dynamite Gymnastics recently purchased a DC-40S-W to display in their facility.  The DC-40S-W is a digital time of day clock that modern design is appropriate for a variety of places such as manufacturing companies, schools, office, and so on.  The viewing distance of the DC-40S-W is 200 feet.  The DC-40S-W …


Network Clocks in a Mobile Vehicle

Farber Specialty Vehicle, Inc. recently purchased a DC-25N for a custom emergency command center vehicle. The DC-25N receives NTP off of your network.  The DC-25N can be surface mount or flush mount. The DC-25N is 12/24 hour format, user select-able.  It is an indoor unit.


Software and Hardware Driven Bell Tones for Breaks

The easiest way for handling managers to handle breaks is Software driven breaks. EZ-Time-Kit-Tones Software driven tones for company breaks is a Horn driver system (DC-RM-HD-1,Manual) that connects directly to the Data output of a EZ-Time Computer’s CM-1, see (EZ-Time Kit). It can drive an 8 Ohm 50 Watt Speaker …


Easily control your facilities clocks and bells

EZ-Time is a Windows based software that can be easily programmed to control bells or tones or ?  for breaks or classroom changes, while automatically synchronizing your buildings time of day clock system. EZ-Time Software Manual: CM-1 Manual: RM-1 Manual:


Network Clock Utilities Programs and Upgrades

Requirements: Built on or before Feb. 2020 and older. Verify by the: Serial number on the back of the clock EX. 101019JS (2 digit format left to right = Month, Day, Year ) For more information about the receiving this upgrade or any other questions about DC-Digital clocks, timers, counters …