DC-Digital, Outdoor Uptimer Weatherproof case, Tripod mounting, White Table, Environmentally Sealed Push Button Switch, 25 feet of cabling, Military Timer
Competition Timers

Weatherproof, Outdoor Up-timer w/ Tripod Mounting for Military Drills and Equipment Testing

Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC. has reached out to DC-Digital for their outdoor, weatherproof up-timer in order to test their products. This unit is designed for outdoor use, featuring a sturdy aluminum tripod setup and a durable, IP-66 rated enclosure that withstands wet conditions while being fingerprint and dust resistant. Users …

DC-Digital, No network, Two Time-zone clock, world time zone clock, extruded, black powder coated, aluminum, momentary push button switches, white table, DC-Digital logo, Scientific Research Corporation, science division, military division, technology, electronic

Militaristic, Two Time Zone World Clock w/ Custom Vinyl Letterings and Julian Date for Science and Research Companies

The Scientific Research Corporation has reached out to DC-Digital for one of their specialized World Time Zone Clocks for their military divisions. This unit is able to tell time for two specific areas without the need of a network connection. Users are able to set the desired time according to …

DC-Digital, Time of Day, 2 Sectioned, World Zone, Local, Zulu, Julian Day, Julian Date, Military SVF Defense, Aluminum, Enclosure

Julian Date, Two-Section World Time Zone Time of Day Clock for Military Supply Company

SVF Defense has reached out to DC-Digital to design a clock that would display the time in their local area, time in military units, and the Julian time of day. DC-Digital’s custom vinyl’s always shows the two areas that our customer wishes to have on their enclosure. The Momentary Push …