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New Green LED Lights for Digital GPS Receiver Synchronization, Time of Day Clock

DC-Digital now offers green LED lights for our DC-60-GPS time of day clocks. This model displays the time of day by synchronizing directly with time zone via wireless GPS receiver. This model displays the time of day in a 12-24 hour format and has automatic daylight savings time (Can be …

Perfect north slopes lawrenceburg Indiana Sky slope tubing rental atomic time of day outdoor gps satellite clock dc-150-gps dc-digital

Perfect North Slopes Tube Rental Clock Keeps Patrons Aware and Tubing

Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, harnesses the precision of DC-Digital’s atomic GPS clock feature alongside its expansive displays and LEDs, ensuring tubing rental patrons always have the correct time at their fingertips. In activities where timing can mean the difference between heading home or enjoying one last thrill down …

Outdoor Clocks GPS-Network

“DC-Digital GPS-Synchronized Digital Clocks: Precision, Reliability, and Weather-Resilience”

USNO united states naval observatory front gate master clock 6 digit 15 inch digital time of day clock GPS-Satellite synchronized


Unique Clock System for University Bus Stops and Busses

We at DC-Digital are proud to say that we have had partnerships with clients lasting over 10 years. High Point University in North Carolina is an example. They first ordered from us in 2010. We designed a clock system for them that spans their university campus and stays accurate and …


USNO Large 15.0″ Digital Atomic Clocks Keep National Time Standard

The USNO United States Naval Observatory (the standard in time keeping) purchased (2) DC-156-GPS Red LED atomic digital clocks for their combined accuracy of the atomic clock time keeping and the incredible viewing distance of 15.0″ high Red LED digits. They were installed at the entrance to the Washington DC …

Portable battery operated outdoor GPS synchronized atomic time of day clock

Outdoor/Indoor portable battery operated time of day clock with GPS synchronization.

Now you can take time on the go with this DC-150-GPS-P portable totally battery operated time of day clock that is mounted on an all aluminum trailer. Simply remove the display and drive to you next location. (for open road remove one bolt and the display slides off for easy …

15 inch LED network IP controlled number display representing countdown to super bowl 57 in minutes and the number of packets of food donated

Quaker Hunger Clock – How many packets of food can we donate before super bowl LVII (57)?

Quaker oats is solving America’s hunger problem one packet of food at a time. Their goal is 5 million packets and more donated by Superbowl 57. DC-Digital was contracted to build this special 15 inch LED digital countdown clock and number of “Packets Donated” display (LED’s, electronics and enclosure only, …


Large Outdoor Atomic Clock, Just turn it on…easy!

Just apply power and it will automatically sets to the correct time +/- 1 second every 15,000,000,000 years! GPS NIST satellite set, – No batteries, – No worries, automatic daylight savings adjustment See demonstration video: DC-150-GPS

8 Inch LED Wireless outdoor synchronized system digital clock

Outdoor System Time of Day Clocks – Wireless link

All of our clocks, timers, and displays can be wirelessly linked to accommodate as a system especially wirelessly. This system utilizes a wireless controller and wireless interface that has a range up to 1500 feet away along with store and forward technology for an infinite distance and number of outdoor …

Portable Battery operated, Wireless controlled Multi-Function Count Up Clock-Timer, Countdown Clock-Timer, Time of Day clock, track timer-clock with tripod and carrying case.

Totally portable multi-function track clock-timer with wireless controls, batteries, tripod, carrying case.

Run any timed track event with this large 8 inch digit, up to 400 feet viewing distance, sunlight resistant outdoor LEd’s with dimming feature for indoor-outdoor use, battery operated for up to 8 hours of usage, totally wireless with 150+ range handheld controller, multi-function clock, count up timer, countdown timer. …

Digital LED Outdoor GPS Atomic Clock automatic set

Construction Site Work Area GPS Atomic Clock

Construction sites around the USA will be able to give their workers completely accurate atomic time with this waterproof outdoor IP-66 all aluminum enclosed satellite GPS Clock. Just plug it in and within minutes it will lock onto the Atomic time and display it. Once it has had an initial …

Digital LED Outdoor GPS Atomic Clock automatic set

Atomic GPS Swimming Pool Clock

Swimming pools around the USA will be able to give their patrons completely accurate atomic time with this waterproof outdoor IP-66 all aluminum enclosed satellite GPS Clock. Just plug it in and within minutes it will lock onto the Atomic time and display it. Once it has had an initial …

2-Digit, 8 inch outdoor Countdown timer with hard coded for 24 seconds

Kids Exhibit Basketball Shot Clock Countdown Timer

Red Box Workshop exhibits use our hand crafted built to order 2 Digit countdown timer shot clock for a kids basketball competition exhibit. This specific timer has a hard-coded program for a countdown time of 24 seconds. The kids would press a switch and it will reset to the hard-coded …

Back to back Time and Temperature displays, 15 Inch Digits 750 feet viewing

DC-150 Time-Temperature Display

(2) DC-150-TT-GPS Back to back GPS-Atomic time and temperature displays with free hanging U-Bolt mounts. Large 15 Inch digits that can be seen up to 750 feet away having outdoor rated LED’s and IP-66 all aluminum extruded enclosures. This unit was ordered for the City of Hillsboro Oregon.

DC-300P-Portable-Battery Operated-Play-Delay-of-Game-Clocks-RF-Wireless-Remote-Controlled

New Football Play-Delay of Game Clocks for Lincoln University

Lincoln University recently purchased DC-300P.  The play clocks can be used for college or high school football games.  The clocks are operated with and easy to use remote control.  The DC-300P can be viewed up to 1500 ft away.  The digits on the DC-300P are 30 inches high.  The play …

DC-300P-Portable-Battery Operated-Play-Delay-of-Game-Clocks-RF-Wireless-Remote-Controlled

Saucon Valley Schools Get New Portable Football Delay of Game-Play clocks

Saucon Valley recently purchased DC-Digital DC-300P.  The play clocks are on a completely portable, wheeled, cart The clocks can run on batteries a minimum of 8 hours and use long range 900 Mhz RF wireless handheld controller.  The DC-300P have a viewing distance of 1500 ft.  The digits on the …


Outdoor Countdown clock with RF wireless remote controls

This large 15 inch digit outdoor timer has a RF wireless handheld remote control that allows the user to command all functions at the push of a button in any environment. Our competitors use an IR remote control that can only be used indoors out of the sunlight. The IP66 …

Portable 6 inch led, 6 digit, hours, minutes and seconds, Sports timer counts up counts down and time of day , wireless-ly controlled battery operated

US Army – 216 Calvary, Totally portable PT Digital Outdoor Timer

Physical training is at the top of the US Army’s training schedule. To measure this performance the Army looked to DC-Digital and the line of totally portable battery operated outdoor rated timers. The trainees need to meet strict criteria and without knowing that would be well… not good. Do to …

Large outdoor yellow clock for public track 15 LEDs GPS atomic synchronized

City Signs Purchases A Yellow LED Clock for the Central Green Park/Navy Yard in Philiadelphia

City Signs Purchases a Custom clock For Central Green Park City Signs recently purchased a custom DC-Digital DC-156S for . City signs chose the amber colored LEDs to coordinate with the yellow and gray signage on the tower.  The DC-Digital DC 156S is a time of day clock that displays …


Network Clock , 15 Inch, 4 Digit , Red LED Outdoor rated

The DC-150N is an outdoor rated 15 inch, red LED, 4 digit, Atomic time Network clock. It queries a time server, either in or off campus (user select able) once every 10 seconds and updates its internal clock. Time will continue to count even if the connection is lost. It …

15 Inch LED Digital GPS Atomic Time and Temperature Display

Hops minor league team, DC-150 Atomic Time-Temperature

The city of Hillsboro, Oregon was looking for an outdoor time temperature display for their minor league baseball field, the home of the Hillsboro Hops. The class “A” baseball team that is a farm team for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The display that was built for the City of Hillsboro Oregon …

USNO Atomic Digital Outdoor Clock Washington DC

US Navel Observatory Uses DC-Digital Clock

The US Navel Observatory who keeps the cesium clock chose DC-Digital for their upgraded digital display.  Check out the “DC-Digital” on the clock face!

6 inch LED Digital countdown to an event timer days hours minutes and seconds

Project or Event Countdown Clocks

DC-Digital features a line of project or event countdown timers.  These clocks can be utilized for many occasions.  We have sold the products to such customers as The Ohio State University and Michigan as countdowns to the game where they play each other (which the clocks featured the ability to …


United States Steel Corp.,Large Digital Timer, Clock

United States Steel Corp. purchases a DC-150UTW, 4 foot x 1.5 foot, 15.0 inch high digit, wireless universal outdoor up down timer and time of day clock. This is a timer that can be seen up to 750 feet away. It is an outdoor up and down timer with the …