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Count Up timer

Haas Garage Doors has reached out to DC-Digital for a method of keeping track of the timing & logging of their garage door production. Our Bay Count Up-Timer will fit the bill as it detects objects via our diffusive reflective sensor to keep track of the allotted time of the garage door production. Then, the information gets recorded into a custom webpage to keep track of the number of garage doors that have been produced per day and how much time it took each. The daily log records and can be viewed at the end of the day or any time or any where for management purposes.

– Web page browser based 24 hour log: Our free on board web page time log keeps track of the vehicle service times up to 230 entries per 24 hour period.

– Large 4 inch digital LED count up timer; Can be seen up to 200 feet away built for large work area.

– Display is POE Powered: Requires only an ethernet connector to power on and connect to their LAN network.

– Compact, fingerprint and dust resistant IP-65 all aluminum enclosure that is designed to be in any factory environment.

– Optional Diffusive Reflective Sensor input: Specialized sensor that is used to detect and track vehicles can also be used for many other object detections like garage doors.

DC-Digital is happy to see that Haas Garage Doors is putting the DC-40T-UP-TERM-BAY-TIMER to good use in their workshop!

See our video: DC-40T-Up-Term-Bay

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