Factory Network, Countdown Timer that Counts Up Negative & Logs Countdown Information for Industrial Plant

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Count Up timer

In need of a network system that keeps track of countdown times, Nidec come to DC-Digital for a solution. DC-Digital’s newest edition in the network, countdown department. This unit allows users to to connect to PC program that sets the desired countdown via specialized codes. PC can also keep a log of the allotted countdown time through our RS485 Ethernet connection. Timer counts upward from zero to display a negative sign in front of the minutes and hours via shift digit technology.

– Digital RS485 Serial Set Countdown Timers w/EEPROM Memory Retention that logs time data to PC Program. Operates via pigtail terminal connection and displays countdown in hours and minutes (HH:MM), minutes to seconds (MM:SS).

– Counts back up after Zero with a negative sign (-M:SS to -H:MM). Serial data to reflect Negative Count.

– Stainless steel push buttons (SW-1-HD-RED & SW-1-HD-BLACK): Start/pause, Reset to Set Value Functions. 25 feet of wire cabling.

– 14 gauge, tough, aluminum enclosure that is fingerprint & dust resistant for indoor factory environment.

– 4 inch LED light that can be viewed up to 200 feet away.

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