Number Displays

Baseball-Softball Sign-Signal Digital LED Wireless Number Display

Signal the whole team instantly, even the outfield. Everyone will be on the same page with the same play. Keyed in and wirelessly transmitted. Totally portable with carrying cases and tripod. With 400 feet of viewing distance signals will not be missed. Product Page: DC-80-W-SIG Video: DC-80-W-SIG (VIDEO)

Wireless bar code scan and display system with store and forward data transmission
Number Displays

Display the Process Bar Code Anywhere in the Factory

Keep everyone informed on what process or project you are currently working on. Simple scan the processes bar code and it wirelessly transmitted and displayed through out the factory. We manufacture 1 inch to 30 inch LED displays for the up close to across the valley viewing distances. With wireless …

DC-802-Ststic-Key-w, 8 Inch LED wireless controlled customer now serving
Number Displays

Customer Now Serving, from the Comfort and Safety of your own Vehicle

See the customer now serving number from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle. Your order number will be displayed for you to be able to see and respond too! Efficient, safe, and customer friendly! DC-Digital Product: DC-802-Static-Key-W Video in Action: Video of the DC-802-Static-Key-W

DC-Digital DC-80N-T-DN-UP-STATIC network number display 8 inch leds
Number Displays

Truck measures 2920 horsepower before engine explodes…

Operators, driver, onlookers and the DC-Digital display stays with it to the end!

15 Inch LED Digital wireless number display
Number Displays

Instantly Display the Numbers

Instantly display any 4 digit number for the next race, event, product run anything! With this 15 Inch wireless-ly controlled number display. It’s as simple as pushing the SET button on the key pad, pushing in the numbers, like “1234” and then pushing ENTER that’s it! Indoor and outdoor versions …

Multi-LED ANDON Stack Light 24VDC/AC with built in buzzer

Multi-Color ANDON LED Stack Light and Buzzer all in one: 360 Degree Viewing

 24 volt ANDON stack light that contains 5 colors and buzzer all in one nice neat package. Large bright flashing or steady 360 degree LED’s. very easy to connect, install and use. Product: DC-ANDON-24 Video: DC-ANDON-24 Website: DC-Digital Contact us

Browser web page tire code identification system using 2 DC-40 digital static number displays

Tire code display system using web browser for updating

Digital “Tire code identification” numbering system that receives its data from a web browser page and is updated in real time. Fast Signs in Tuscaloosa brought in a very high profile customer to see if we could accommodate this type of system for the customers plant. See video: Tire Code …

Wifi addressable Static number display DC-25N-Static-Wifi, 5 in one enclosure

WIFI Addressable Static Number Display 5 in one

Ohio Nut and Bolt wanted to give a visual representation of each production line job status all in one enclosure. They wanted to use there Network and have it computer controlled. The DC-25N-Static can do that very thing. It is also a countdown-count up timer and clock. Addressable to allow …

8 inch high output LED number display outdoor
Number Displays

Dyno Horse Power display at the Lucas Oil Ultimate Call-out Challenge

How much horse power do you have? Displaying it couldn’t be easier. Show the DYNO results to the crowd at the Lucas Oil call-out challenge. It couldn’t be easier. Just key-in the results and it easily and instantly displayed. It displays either numbers or time representation. Totally wireless communication makes …

6 inch 4 digit large number display that has keypad entry for quick number display 1500 feet range
Number Displays

Display any 4 Digit Number Quickly

Display any number instantly and easily. With plug and play attributes; 1) press “SET” the display flashes 2) enter in the  numbers and 3) press “ENTER” and you are good to go… send to 1 – unlimited displays at the same time, indoor or outdoor your choice. Contact Us for …

DC-40 timer with 6 foot silhouette of man

The Importance of Size and Viewing Distance: Timers, Clocks, and Counters

    DC-10 Models 0-25 feet / 7.62 meters           DC-25 Models 25-100 feet / 36.5 Meters             DC-40 Models 50-200 feet / 60.96 Meters             DC-60 Models 50-300 feet / 91 meters (indoor and outdoor) …