Master, Secondary Static Number & Time Display for Industrial Equipment Suppliers

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A local equipment supplier company has requested from DC-Digital a Master-Secondary model that can display the static number and time to display the production line quota. The DC-10-Static-Key and DC-40-4W-System form a reliable setup for static number display and time management. The Master DC-10 unit connects directly to the Secondary DC-40, allowing users to input static numbers and time via a wired keypad controller with 24 keys. This controller includes functions for number input, setting time, and confirming entries, facilitated by 25 feet of cabling for flexible installation. Housed in robust, dust-resistant extruded aluminum enclosures with a sleek black powder coating, both units offer durability and visibility in industrial environments. The Master unit features 1-inch LED digits for clear viewing up to 25 feet, while the Secondary unit boasts 4-inch LED digits visible up to 200 feet, each capable of displaying totals up to 9999 for comprehensive monitoring and control.

– Master DC-10 is wired to Secondary DC-40. Client types in the static number and time through input from a key pad that is wired directly into the master display.

– Wired, Keypad Controller with 24 keys: 0-9 number input, time colons, set numbers & enter digit functions. comes with 25 feet of cabling.

– Extruded, aluminum enclosure, with black powder coating that makes the units fingerprint and dust resistant.

– 120-240 VAC, 12 volt battery with 6 feet of cabling.

– Master unit is 1 inches LED digit size that can be viewed up to 25 feet away. Secondary unit is 4 inches LED digit that can be viewed up to 200 feet away. Each unit can display a grand total of 9999.

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