Wired, Remote Controlled Multi-Function Time of Day Clock for Public Meetings

DC-Digital, Time of day, multi-function, count up, countdown, public meeting, wire controller, 22 gauge, 25 foot long wire, white table, presentation room

The public officials at RFK JR Inc. hosted a public meeting in the St. Cecilia Music Center. They have put in a request to DC-Digital to create a multi-function clock that would help regulate the flow of their public meetings. Our multi-function, time of day clock comes with a wired remote control that sets the time of day and switch to timer mode that counts up/down to a total of 99 hour and 59 minutes. Wire is 25 foot long and ensures the client direct connection from the controller to the board inside the enclosure.

– Multi-function clock displays time of day in a 12 hour format and counts down and up to a total of 99 hours and 59 seconds to hundredth of a second.

– Wired Remote Controller (WRC-8T): Start/stop, zero reset, last value, set hours, set minutes, set seconds, switch up-down timer functions. Also comes connected with a 22 gauge, 25 feet wire.

– Aluminum, tough, 14 gauge, black-powder coated enclosure that is both fingerprint and dust resistant. Suited for any indoor environment.

– 4 inch, super bright, LED light, 4 digits that can be viewed up to 200 feet away.

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