Valere Studios in Cincinnati contacted us for a highly visible, easy to operate timer. The stage was set at the Cintas Center where Valere Studios filmed segments for viewers of the National Men’s Conference that recently took place. DC-Digital provided them with a DC-256UTW. This multi-function product comes with a wireless controller and has a count up and countdown timer as well as a time of day clock. It was customized by removing the piezo end of period buzzer so it would be better suited to a quiet, behind the scenes setting. This timer was helpful for both the guests giving speeches at the conference and the crew in charge of keeping everyone on track and on target. Everyone could see how much time had passed and when the next speakers needed to take the stage.

The National Men’s Conference has been growing in popularity over the past few years as a space where men of all walks of life can come together to share faith, encourage each other, and listen to renowned motivational speakers. The 6 minute documentary Valere Studios is working on post-conference will help bring this great content to a wider audience, including those who wanted to attend but were unable to. Valere continues to use the DC-256UTW in their studio as a clock and timer for their current and future projects.

Valere Studios has been working with companies all over the U.S. as a technical team that works virtually and on hybrid events as producers since 2016.  They have a full internet broadcast control room and top of the line equipment. You can connect with them on social media @valerestudios on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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