Wireless bar code scan and display system with store and forward data transmission
Bar Code Display

Display the Process Bar Code Anywhere in the Factory

Keep everyone informed on what process or project you are currently working on. Simple scan the processes bar code and it wirelessly transmitted and displayed through out the factory. We manufacture 1 inch to 30 inch LED displays for the up close to across the valley viewing distances. With wireless …

Multi-LED ANDON Stack Light 24VDC/AC with built in buzzer

Multi-Color ANDON LED Stack Light and Buzzer all in one: 360 Degree Viewing

 24 volt ANDON stack light that contains 5 colors and buzzer all in one nice neat package. Large bright flashing or steady 360 degree LED’s. very easy to connect, install and use. Product: DC-ANDON-24 Video: DC-ANDON-24 Website: DC-Digital Contact us