Large 6 inch LED vehicle service center timer with webpage air switches
Count Up timer

Now you can clearly see how long your car has been in for service as well as the technician as well as the floor supervisor!

Smart Toyota and DC-Digital and has teemed up to develop this unique service center network timer solution.

-The mechanic and the customer can easily see the time it has taken to service their car. large 6 inch LED display

-The supervisor can see how long it has taken the technician to service the vehicle, viewable from any where web page (logs the last 10 recorded vehicle times Per Bay!)

-Simple pneumatic “Start – Stop – LOG it” switches, (vehicle rolls over the first “rubber hose” to start the timer and then when finished being serviced rolls over the second “rubber hose” to stop the timer and automatically at the same time logs in the service time on to the webpage for convenient web viewing)

-6 inch LED’s viewable up to 300 feet with 110 degree viewing angle

See one of our vehicle service products: DC-40T-UP-VEH

See video: DC-60-Vehicle Service Timer, Air Switches, Webpage Interface

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