NEMA Enclosed, Aluminum Covered Network Time of Day Clock for Home Foods Production Company

DC-Digital, NEMA enclosed, POE Powered, Laptop, Webpage, Interface, White Table, RJ-45, 4 inch LED

Carl Buddig & Company, a worldwide distributer of home foods, has reached out to DC-Digital for a method of displaying the time of day via their own network. Our NEMA enclosed, network powered clock is designed to power on when plugged into the internet via ethernet (RJ-45) connection. Unit draws both power and information via power injector and splitter to separate voltage power from data information such as the time zone, building name, etc. Once the IP-address is revealed, unit will start copying time according to the custom webpage browser.

– User plugs in ethernet cable connected to their own network to power and synchronizes to any NTP server to display atomic time of day (12-24 hour format).

– Plug and play attribute; powers on when plugged to show IP address and time of day. Power injector and splitter is included.

– Webpage browser based; includes time verification, building location ID, pass-fail synchronization, etc.

– Polycarbonate, Nema 4,4X,6,6P,12,12K & IP66 rating, waterproof enclosure with UL flammability rating of UL94 for all factory settings.

– Wide viewing angle, 6-inch LED digits with a viewing distance of 300 feet.

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