4- inch LED digital countdown time with Andon light single action trigger
Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer for Factories that Utilizes Carts in Production /Assembly Lines

Rotopax has contracted DC-Digital for a special order of our countdown timers to regulate how long their carts can remain on station before the next one arrives. This model has a built in Andon Light that will begin flashing once the timer reaches zero and resets when the cart moves …

Food processing washable countdown timer with washable remote controls LED Digital
Countdown Timer

Food Processing Washable Digital Countdown Timer & Washable Remote Controls

JBS Foods requires washability of their equipment, keeping it clean and bacteria free in the food industry is a must. That’s one of reasons why DC-Digital was contracted to create this unique watertight timer and remote controls for food related processes in their plant. The remote controls, away from the …


Custom Multi-function Timer for National Men’s Conference

Valere Studios in Cincinnati contacted us for a highly visible, easy to operate timer. The stage was set at the Cintas Center where Valere Studios filmed segments for viewers of the National Men’s Conference that recently took place. DC-Digital provided them with a DC-256UTW. This multi-function product comes with a …


PT Indoor/Outdoor Training and Sports Wireless Timer

North Dakota’s Air National Guard and RTS ordered one of DC-Digital’s DC-806UTW-BTC displays. This is a wirelessly controlled, battery operated tripod mounted display that comes with a heavy duty carrying case. It is easy to operate with a RF handheld remote that comes equipped with a belt clip. It displays …

Countdown Timer

High School Students Give Back with Countdown Timer

We receive all kinds of orders here at DC-Digital, from standard products to ones customized to the purchaser specifications. Green Level High School in North Carolina ordered a DC-609T-DN-W-IN for a special event. The Senior Class of 2023 wanted to give a meaningful gift to their school that could be …

Countdown Timer

Life Saving Freezer Timer

When you’re worried about safety and security, turn to DC-Digital for our dependable technology. Central-Security came to us asking for a timer for a large cold storage freezer. Temperatures inside the freezer get below 32°F, which a person can freeze to death in. To prevent a life-threatening situation, they asked …


Billboard Sized Countdown Timer for Netflix Special

Standard Scenery purchased a DC-306-T-DN-W to display the countdown to Netflix’s Chris Rock comedy special, Selective Outrage, that aired live on March 4th. This was Netflix’s first live streaming event since its creation, and they needed a huge eye catching display that would get viewers hyped up and generate buzz. …


Simple and Portable Council Chamber Timer

Prince George Co. Public Schools came to us looking for a wireless timer for their board meetings that has: We delivered that and more with the DC-40UTW-KEY-SYSTEM-W. This timepiece puts power into the hands of the users. It has an up timer, down timer, and a clock that operates in …

Countdown Timer

Set your Countdown Special Event Timer via Network

Set and control all of your countdown special event timers from one location…your computer, cell, or tablet! – No software to purchase, – No Subscriptions to up date, completely web-browser based. See Video Demonstration: DC-409T-DN-N Network Set/Controlled Special Event Countdown Timer

DC-609T-DN-Days-Hours-Minutes and Seconds Countdown Timer for Special Events
Countdown Timer

Large Outdoor Special Event Countdown Timer Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds

-Heavy duty large outdoor 6 Inch LED Digital Countdown to a special event timer can be viewed up to 300 feet away. -Waterproof IP-66 all extruded aluminum weatherproof enclosure. -Push-button set, Wireless RF-set or now Network settable -Easily mounts to any structure -Made in the USA See other all of …

4 inch LED Countdown timer with BCD set switches 3 input isolated actuation NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure
Countdown Timer

Countdown Warning System to when the Doors will be Closing

-DH Pace overhead doors provide this awareness. -Large 4 inch LEDs with NEMA watertight polycarbonate enclosure. 1-30 Inch LED’s available -Supplies a visual warning of how long before the doors are to close. -Once the door is opened a switch resets and starts the preset countdown. (99 minutes:59 seconds) -Once …

Synchronized Timers

Synchronized Countdown Timers

Synchronized master-secondary, 4 inch digital, countdown timers with free hanging mounts. The master timer has wireless controls and communicates to the secondary countdown timer, wireless-ly, for precise redundant displays (you can add as many redundant timer secondary’s as you wish). The range for controls is 150 ft and the range …

RF-Wireless-Remote Controlled -Multi-Function-Timer-4-Inch-Digits
Countdown Timer

Church Sermon Countdown timer

When you get to preaching time sort of slips away and then you hear about it later. The parishioners loved your sermon but they commented on the length? Do you need to keep the sermon within a certain amount of time? The  DC-40UTW RF – Wireless remote controlled sermon timer …

Baseball/Softball 8 Inch Digit Pitch and Innings timer

Texas Tech Baseball 2-Digit 8 Inch Pitch and Innings Countdown Timer

Texas Tech Baseball is now regulating the game with the DC-Digital DC-802T-DM-W-Pitch-Inning 8 inch digit countdown pitch timer. This model comes with: Ip-66 waterproof  all aluminum enclosure 15-90 second hard coded RF-wireless remote handheld controller with 150 foot range. Carrying handle 120AC outdoor rated power cord One press resets and …

DC-10T-DN-Nema-4X Enclosed Countdown Timer with Local lockout feature for remotely allowing or disallowing timer controls, 1 Inch Digits

Honeywell purchases another Lockout DC-10T-DN-Nema Countdown Timer with Nema Enclosure

Honeywell Aerospace has purchased several of them over the last year. It is a custom built (DC-10T-DN-Nema) 1 inch, 4 digit countdown timer that counts minutes and seconds with a 3 second end of period relay closure and has a LOCKOUT feature for the control switches. It is enclosed in …


Otis Elevator gets a DC-409T-Dn countdown to an event timer

Otis Elevator purchases a DC-409T-Dn countdown to special event timer. The DC-409T-DN is a 9 Digit, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds countdown to an event timer. It has a all extruded heavy duty aluminum enclosure with a .125 thick red acrylic lens that has 2 inch vinyl ID lettering. It …


Large Digital Countdown timer with NEMA-4X enclosure (DC-60T-DN-BCD-IN-NEMA) for Honeywell

Honeywell needed a large digital timer in a NEMA 4X enclosure so that they were able to time a heating process (purchased through Vallen Distribution).  The DC-60T-DN-IN-BCD-Nema has a viewing distance of 300 feet.  The NEMA-4X case has an IP  rating of 66.  The IP rating of 66 means that the …


Digital Countdown timer with front mounted controls

Unique to the industry is this DC-25T-DN with front mounted controls. It allows the user to see and control the timer from the front. Most timers have controls that are mounted on the top of the timer, making it difficult to see the timer and see the action that the …


Outdoor Countdown clock with RF wireless remote controls

This large 15 inch digit outdoor timer has a RF wireless handheld remote control that allows the user to command all functions at the push of a button in any environment. Our competitors use an IR remote control that can only be used indoors out of the sunlight. The IP66 …

BCD Rotary Set switches adjustment technique
Countdown Timer

BCD, “Set n Forget” switches for DC-Digital Countdown Timers

DC-Digital Countdown Timers and Clocks use BCD (Binary Coded Decimal switches) to allow the customer to set the preset countdown time and 1) Never have to worry about batteries. 2) Never have to worry about power loss. 3) Never have to worry about trying to remember what time they had set the timer …


School Classroom Digital Countdown timer and clock

An Ohio School uses a DC-Digital DC-25UTW to display the remaining countdown time for students taking Ohio Standardized Testing.  The DC-25UTW can either count-up or count-down as well as display the time of day clock.  It operates with a radio frequency remote control.  The DC-25UTW has 2.3 inch digits which …

Count Up timer

4.0 Inch, 4 Digit, Red LED,RF Wireless controlled, Universal Count Up or Countdown Timer and Time of Day Clock

Specification Sheet: DC-40UTW. This is a large made in the USA, RF wireless 4.0 inch high, 4 digit, Red LED universal digital timer that  will countdown or count up while also keeping the time of day. It can be set for hours and minutes or minutes and seconds (see also the WRC-8 …

DC-309T-DN-Kroger-New Store-Grand-Opening-Countdown-Timer

Kroger countdown to grand opening

Kroger of Memphis Tennessee has purchased a DC-309 Countdown to Grand Opening countdown timer. This timer has a quantity of 9, 30 inch digits that represent days, hours, minutes and seconds. It counts down from a maximum value of 999 days. It operates off of 120 volts 5 amps. It …

Foot switch activated industrial MM:SS countdown timer with Set n Forget BCD Rotary set switches
Countdown Timer

BCD Countdown Timer with Foot Switch

We put together a foot switch operated timer for Boston Scientific. Not Quite sure what they are using it for but they will be able to set it to any MM:SS value using the supplied rotary 10 Position BCD coded switches mounted in the top of the enclosure for easy …

countdown the days hours minutes and seconds to a special event 4 inch digits
Count Up timer

Party Planners CountDown To Super Bowl XLVI

DC-Digital countdown the Days, Hour, Minutes and Seconds to the Super Bowl. 2 years running! Party Planners West, official event planners for the NFL, has purchased DC-409T-DN Event Countdown Timers from DC-Digital for Super Bowl XLVI and now Super Bowl XLVII. With 9 digits, the DC-409T-DN displays days, hours, minutes …

8 Individual set Countdown Timers in one, with remote starts
Synchronized Timers

Snap-On 8 Cycle Countdown Timers in One

Snap-On dips their metal parts into eight different chemical baths. Each chemical bath has a different cycle time. If a part sits in a bath for too long, or too short, the finish will not be acceptable for sale. Parts must complete all eight processes before inspection. In an effort …

Mitsubishi power Ship Date Timers and message board
Synchronized Timers

Custom Countdown to Ship Date Timers for Mitsubishi Power Systems.

Achieving ship dates are important to any production company. We have designed a custom countdown to ship date timer for Mitsubishi Power Systems. This allows for better organization in the manufacturing area as well as the shipping area. This timer helps the company, as a whole, stay focused on meeting their ship …

6 inch LED Digital countdown to an event timer days hours minutes and seconds

Project or Event Countdown Clocks

DC-Digital features a line of project or event countdown timers.  These clocks can be utilized for many occasions.  We have sold the products to such customers as The Ohio State University and Michigan as countdowns to the game where they play each other (which the clocks featured the ability to …

Countdown Timer

Commercial Industrial Countdown Timer (DC-10)

A recent purchase was made of one of our most original products.  It is our standard DC-10 clock, but cumstomized to meet the customer’s important needs.  The clock meets IP 66 and Nema 4, 12 and 13 ratings!  It is made out of polycarbonate which carries a U.L. flammability rating …


Sheridan Memorial Hospital, days hours minutes seconds countdown timer

Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Wyoming purchased a DC-409T-DN days, hours, minutes and seconds countdown timer. This is an all in one 4.0″ high Red LED digital countdown timer to where the customer can set the days, hours, minutes and seconds to count down to a specific event. The event may …


Outdoor Wireless digital countdown timer @ Meadows Racetrack & Casino

Meadows racetrack and casino purchases a DC-80 T-DN. The wireless countdown timer is capable of being seen outdoor up to 400 feet away. wow what a view. It can be set to count down from 99 hours to hundredths of a second. Wireless controls allows total flexibility for setting, resetting, …