WEBPAGE Network IOT Solutions Counter and Log DC-40N with Sensor

View and Log Your Powder Coating Parts and Jigs

-Part Jigs pass in front of a Photo sensor (The number of parts have already been specified per jig for each customer job with 10 customer jobs per day webpage entry) -Local increment and or decrement buttons incase parts drop off in the cleaning bath or ? -Once the job …

Large 4 Inch 6 digit production count static number display with Keypad input

Shift Production Count Display

Easily show what the numbers are for the day for all to see! Up to 200 feet away. Key in the end of shift production count to bring awareness of just how well we did today! It s obvious! See Product: DC-406-STATIC-KEY See Video: DC-406-STATIC-KEY (Production Count Number Display)

15 Digit Rate Display for Five Guys Fries Pounds Per Second

Rate Display Controlled through Your Cell Phone

You can display a rate of 100 pieces per second down to 100 seconds per piece. This one was for Five Guys are counting the number of pounds of potatoes fried per second! See video: Network Controlled Rate Display See more rate displays: Pace-Rate of Production Page

DC-40C-TERM-Glass-Cutting-Counters-Multple Inputs

Glass Cutter Counters

How many cuts have we made? Common employee question. Where are we at with quantity of cuts. Instantly know with a glance. These DC-40C-Terms (4 Inch Digits) are viewable up to 200 feet away and with super bright LED digits, make no mistakes on the numbers. Want BIGGER? We can …

Count Up timer

Rock Climbing LED Timer

Our digital clocks, timers, and counters are often used in a wide array of settings anywhere from school clock systems to surgery timers. One of our recent customers requested that we make them a timer for a rock climbing wall. For the rock climbing wall, we used the DC-406T-UP-TERM. This …

Large 4 inch Digital Counter and Display with wireless remote controls

Wireless Remote Controlled Digital Counter

Hydraforce uses the additional wireless push-buttons remotely to increment the main central display counter. Each station will be able to add upon the count and have it display the total count per period. See video: DC-40C-W-with additional wireless remotes Product: DC-40C-W Product: SW-1-HD-RED-W-120 Website: https://dc-digital.com/store/index.html

Digital LED electronic timer in a stainless steel enclosure

Stainless Steel Timers,Clocks, Counters

We now have an enclosure that will fit the bill for wet, corrosive, harsh environments. It is a 316L stainless surface mount enclosure designed for clean rooms, food processing plants, washrooms, operating rooms, chemical rooms anywhere there is a possibility of the timer getting in contact with water, cleaning solutions …

6 inch LED Digit waterproof outdoor parking garage car counter with wireless remote controller

Parking Garage Car Counter with Wireless Set and Rollover Function

Set it to the number of spaces that are available in the garage today and have the entrance gate decrement the number of spaces available and the exit gate increment the number of spaces. See Video: DC-60C-W-Parking-Garage-Car-Counter Website: DC-Digital Questions: Contact Us

Efficiency counter for planned expected production. 2.3 Inch digits remote push-button controls and efficiency up to 200 percent

Otis Elevator uses efficiency counters for their production lines

Otis Elevators purchased 5 of these to bring positive awareness to their production lines. The DC-25C-2-EFF-RP can be seen up to 120 feet away. It has remote set switches for the production manger to set the daily quotas and remote 60 mm palm switches for the lines to update the …

6 inch digital LED display count up pace timer with wireless Keypad control

Production Interval Pace Timer Counter with Wireless Keypad Controls

DC-60-PACE-KEY-W-IN Production Pace Interval Timer Counter: Set and display the pace interval of the number of units that  need to be produced in a given time period. Example: Set it for 600 Seconds (=10 Minutes) and it will increment and display the count by 1 up to 9999. Note: You …

Interval pace counter with efficiency display and keypad programmer

Production Pace-Interval Counter with Efficiency

“Production efficient”?- keep track with this, all-in-one, in real-time, pace-interval counter with efficiency display. It comes with a 24 Key- keypad programmer/controller with 25 feet of cord and a heavy duty palm switch and 25 feet of cord (wireless controllers and switches are available). The”Planned” production has a pace-interval timer count, …

DC-40T-UP-Days-Counter-OEM-to-just- add-vinyl-labeling

Sign Companies can apply own Labeling or artwork with turn-Key DC-40T-UP-Days-W-30 X 48

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DC-40 timer with 6 foot silhouette of man

The Importance of Size and Viewing Distance: Timers, Clocks, and Counters

    DC-10 Models 0-25 feet / 7.62 meters           DC-25 Models 25-100 feet / 36.5 Meters             DC-40 Models 50-200 feet / 60.96 Meters             DC-60 Models 50-300 feet / 91 meters (indoor and outdoor) …


System RF Wireless Clocks assist Knapp Charter School in keeping students and Administration on Time

DC-Digital has been a top-quality, custom manufacturer of clock systems for public schools, parochial schools, colleges, and even professional sports teams for over 20-years. We were happy to assist Knapp Charter School (Michigan) in its quest to find a low-cost, highly accurate clock system. DC-Digital quickly developed an economic, custom …

Synchronized Timers

Village of Waterford Fire & Rescue orders Custom timers

Village of Waterford Fire and Rescue purchases two DC-40T-UP Custom timers.  The Village of Waterford fire and Rescue had custom timers developed as a way for the emergency crews to record how much time passed from the time a call was received and when they were on their way to …


Party Planners Count down timer DC-409T-DN

The DC-409T-DN is a countdown timer. This unit  counts down days, hours, minutes and seconds. Party Planners West used the timer to count down to the day, hour, minute and second to when the “Superbowl” began this year. The DC409T-DN has a viewing distance of 200 feet and is beneficial …


RF Wireless, Handheld, 8 function, Universal Controller

The WRC-8-T is a made in the USA, 2.5 ghz Radio Frequency wireless handheld controller that controls the DC-Digital name brand universal wireless timers and clocks and counters. Normal working range is 150 feet and can be  increased to 350 feet (line of sight). Generally used when the customer prefers …

countdown the days hours minutes and seconds to a special event 4 inch digits
Count Up timer

Party Planners CountDown To Super Bowl XLVI

DC-Digital countdown the Days, Hour, Minutes and Seconds to the Super Bowl. 2 years running! Party Planners West, official event planners for the NFL, has purchased DC-409T-DN Event Countdown Timers from DC-Digital for Super Bowl XLVI and now Super Bowl XLVII. With 9 digits, the DC-409T-DN displays days, hours, minutes …

Football delay of game timers portable, battery operated, wireless

Portable Football play clock timers

DC-300P Football portable Delay of Game clocks are battery operated and RF wireless-ly controlled. Place one at each end of the field and extend them 110 inches. Setup for High School and or College play. Use them on the practice field and playing field. Easy to setup and take down. …


Product-Unit Counter with Interval Timer and remotes

  Culp inc. Manufacturing will be using this new unit counter and timer up interval counter to pace their production lines in final assembly. The counter portion (upper display) simply increments up once per switch press keeping tally of unit produced while the lower display (interval counter) is set at …

6 inch LED Digital countdown to an event timer days hours minutes and seconds

Project or Event Countdown Clocks

DC-Digital features a line of project or event countdown timers.  These clocks can be utilized for many occasions.  We have sold the products to such customers as The Ohio State University and Michigan as countdowns to the game where they play each other (which the clocks featured the ability to …