Green LED, Efficiency Production Counter for Factory Production Workers for The Blind

DC-Digital, Green LED Digits, Planned, Actual, Efficiency Counter, Rating, Wired Remote Controller, Diffusive Reflective Area Sensor, White Table

DC-Digital has been working with Alabama IND For the Deaf & Blind to find a way of knowing rate at which their goods were being made, as well as making them visible for their workers. This unit is able to showcase the efficiency at which good quality objects or produce is being produced in green LED digits. Customers are able set the “planned” amount of objects through the use of our Wired Remote Controller. Objects then go through our Diffusive Reflective Area Sensor, which counts the number of objects that are suitable for market. Meanwhile, the “Efficiency” section calculates the difference between Planned and Actual, allowing clients to determine the rate at which goods are being produced.

– Counts the number of “actual” number of objects and calculates total with “Planned” amount that is set via wired remote controller. “Efficiency” then determines the rate at which products are being made by workers.

– Diffused, Reflective Area Sensor Input (DC-DIFF-SENS-10): Increments “Actual” counter when objects are detected. Can detect objects up to 10 feet and comes with 6 feet of cabling.

– Wired Remote Controller: Increment, Decrement “Planned” display and Resets to Zero (“Actual” and “Efficiency”) functions. Comes with 25 feet of cabling.

– 4 inch, 55 mm green LED digits that can be viewed from 200 feet away.

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