Wireless Outdoor LED Digital Counter for Truck Loading at Lowe’s Flatbed Distribution Center

DC-Digital, Red LED Digit, Wireless Remote Controlled, White table, C-Channel, IP-66 rated, Waterproof, 6 inch digit, Truck, Semi-Truck, Loading & Unloading, Counter

Lowes Flatbed Distribution has been working with DC-Digital to create an outdoor counter that can keep count of the number of flatbed trucks. Our standard counter that is 6 inches in LED length. This unit allows users to add and subtract a count utilizing our wireless handheld remote controller that can be operated at a range of 1500 feet outdoors and 300 feet indoors. Clients can also reset the current count back to zero and set the count to gradually increment in a hundredth of a second. Our enclosure is made out of an IP-66, black powder coated enclosure that is waterproof and resistant to dust and fingerprints, making it useful for any outdoor environment.

– Client utilizes wireless remote control to increment or decrement the count according to the number of objects that are being processed.

– 4 digit that can be viewed up to a total of 300 feet. Can count to a grand total of 9999.

– Wireless, Handheld Remote Controller (WRC-4T): Increment, Decrement, Zero Reset & Set Incrementation functions. Can be operated at a range of 1500 feet outdoors and 300 feet indoors.

– Outdoor, IP-66 waterproof, tough, extruded aluminum that is fingerprint and dust resistant, suitable for outdoor environment.

– C-Channel Mounting that allows enclosure to be mounted on any sturdy surface both indoor and outdoors.

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