Bulk Package Digital Product Counter Display with Adjustable Increment Value

Adjustable increment amount 1-64 per count bulk product LED digital counter wired and wireless inputs controls
Adjustable increment amount 1-64 per count bulk product LED digital counter
wired and wireless inputs controls

Haleon group a world-leading consumer health company contracted DC-Digital to deliver this variable increment amount (user selectable) 6 digit double sided 8 inch LED bulk counter. User adjustable from 1 to up to 64 per increment count. Example: If the user selectable dip-switch is set to 10 then once it sees a contact closure or PNP input pulse or +1 from the wireless controls then the display will show 10 then 20 then 30 etc… on each subsequent count up to 999990.

– User selectable adjustable count (dip switch set on side panel), 1-64 count per input increment!

– Wireless and wired count input controls; Wired +1, -1, Reset. Wireless: +1, -1, Set, Reset to 0

– Double sided 8 Inch LED’s 6 digit viewable up to 400 feet away

See instruction video: DC-806C-TERM-W-IN VIDEO

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