Product Rejection Tabulation and Efficiency Scoreboard for Leading Pharmaceutical

DC-25C-2-EFF-RP, Efficiency Production Timer, Palm Switch, environmental push-button, diffusive reflective area sensor proximity, DC-Digital Formulated Solutions, healthcare, pharmaceutical, white table, workspace

Formulated Solutions has reached out to DC-Digital to create a rejection of production counter (scrap counter) that would not only display the number of produce, but would also help determine the percentage of the high quality (passed) products that are to be sold. This model comes with 2 Diffused, Reflective Infrared Object Sensors that each serve a specific purpose: One sensor detects the total (Planned) number of objects, while the second sensor detects the good (Actual) number of produce . Meanwhile, the “Efficiency” sections calculates the percentage rate based off the actual number of produce from the total produced.

DC-Digital is honored to work with organizations that aim to deliver high quality products for the betterment of all.

– Keeps count of “Planned” and “Actual” number of objects that have been produced. “Efficiency” displays the percentage of actual objects that are separated from the planned amount.

– Specialized Diffused Object Sensors (NPN): Used to detect the number of objects and add total number of produce on both “Planned” and “Actual” sections up to 10ft.

– 25ft Wired, 4mm Palm Switch w/ 3 function: Increments, Decrements, Resets to Zero.

– 25ft Wired, Environmentally Sealed Push-Button: Used to manually count the number of “Actual” produce.

– 2.3 inch LED lights for Planned,” “Actual” & “Efficiency” Counter that can be viewed up to 120ft.

– Large, compact, fingerprint and dust resistant enclosure that can placed in any factory environment.

– 2 slotted, adjustable teardrop mounting tabs.

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