Countdown Timer

Kings Island Amusement Park Wave Pool Timer

In 2012, engineers from Kings Island Amusement Park Soak City contacted DC-Digital looking for a timing solution for their wave pool. The Kings Island engineers were looking for a way to provide a bright, easy to read, countdown solution for their guests visiting Soak City wave pool. They wanted to …


Different Types of Hand Washing Timers with Hands-Free Activation

Help prevent Covid-19 with a series of hand washing timers. Contact us for customization options on all of these timers! The activation method, case type, power type, timer value set method, and more can be customized to your home, school, or business needs. DC-10T-DN-HAND Battery operated and designed to last …

Synchronized digital countdown timer system with footswitch activation
Countdown Timer

Synchronized digital LED countdown timers with footswitch activation

Synchronized digital LED countdown timers maintain the countdown time right where you need it (100 locations for wired systems and infinite locations for wireless systems). The countdown time is activated off of a hands free foot-switch which causes the timers to reset to the set value and start. To set …

Bacteria Airlock Chamber Timers for proper elimination of Bacteria
Countdown Timer

Bacteria Chamber Airlock Timers for Johnson Controls

In order to meet strict FDA regulations for control and mitigation of bacteria and other food borne illness a pharmaceutical company contracted Johnson Controls to install DC-Digital timers (DC-25T-DN-BCD) on the outside of each access point into their production area. The FDA regulations focus on process control and standardization to …

strong man competition timer hangman competition timer

Strong Man Hang Time Game uses DC-Digital for Timing

See how long you can hang by your hands? if you can hang for 2 minutes you may win $500 dollars for your $5 dollar chance. Local and national amusement parks are using the DC-60T-DN-BCD and the DC-80T-DN-BCD to time how long contestants can hang by their hands they could …

DC-25T-DN-Term with remote switch and Andon Light and High intensity buzzer for EOP
Countdown Timer

Andon lights Give More Visual Awareness

When counting down, bring more awareness… add an Andon light. DC-Digital can install a 12 or 24 VDC Light and for audible effects add a high intensity buzzer on to any one of our timers. Similar Product: DC-25T-DN-BCD ANDON light: DC-ANDON-12 High Output Buzzer: DC-EOP-High or Contact us

Nema Enclosed 1 inch LED digital countdown timer with BCD rotary remote switches for setting and heavy duty foot-switch
Countdown Timer

Nema Enclosed Countdown Timer with remote switch set and foot-switch

CTL Aerospace based out of Cincinnati Ohio will be using this NEMA enclosed countdown timer. It comes with remote rotary set switches that gives the flexibility to set it at a different location up to 1000 feet away. It also come with a heavy duty Foot Switch for hands free …

Looping timer with NEMA enclosure and rotary set and forget switches and 60mm palm switches for reset and start and stop
Countdown Timer

Looping Countdown Digital Timer and NEMA Enclosure

DC-25T-DN-BCD-NEMA 2.3 Inch LED Digit NEMA 4X Enclosed looping countdown timer with BCD rotary set and forget switches. 60 mm palm switches .5 sec relay closure output. Minutes and seconds. Remote controls for starting, stopping and resetting are 60 mm palm switches 1 Red and 1 Black SW-1-HD-60-RED. See video …

1 inch LED Digital foot switch activated countdown timer with end of period buzzer

Hands Free Surgery Hand washing timer

Freeman Health uses the DC-10T-DN-BCD-Foot-EOP to keep the surgery hand washing above standard. It comes with a hands free foot-switch that frees up the surgeon’s to never have to touch it for operations and an end of period signal to indication when the timing is complete. One push and the timer …


Large Digital Countdown timer with NEMA-4X enclosure (DC-60T-DN-BCD-IN-NEMA) for Honeywell

Honeywell needed a large digital timer in a NEMA 4X enclosure so that they were able to time a heating process (purchased through Vallen Distribution).  The DC-60T-DN-IN-BCD-Nema has a viewing distance of 300 feet.  The NEMA-4X case has an IP  rating of 66.  The IP rating of 66 means that the …

BCD Rotary Set switches adjustment technique
Countdown Timer

BCD, “Set n Forget” switches for DC-Digital Countdown Timers

DC-Digital Countdown Timers and Clocks use BCD (Binary Coded Decimal switches) to allow the customer to set the preset countdown time and 1) Never have to worry about batteries. 2) Never have to worry about power loss. 3) Never have to worry about trying to remember what time they had set the timer …


LegoLand’s Large Outdoor Count Down Timer

DC-150T-DN-BCD Timing is important to everyone including those putting together Lego’s. Legoland purchased a large outdoor countdown timer to do the job. A few assembly videos of their timer.


Toyota Turns to DC-Digital for Parts Inspection Timer

Visual inspection combined with a visual display. For proper consistent inspection of each produced part the DC-10T-DN-BCD is just the timer for the job. It can be set for any value minutes and seconds, reset and repeated millions of times. Toyota also needed notification through a PLC when the period had …


When is the next wave!

This is always the question at Laguna Splash in DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. All are waiting for the fun to start 10,9,8,7,…0 time to get back in. DC-Digital was able to provide the answer and now all of the swimmers know the answer to that grand ole question. Can’t wait until the next …

4 inch Green LED Escape room countdown timer

See if you can escape from a room in 3600 seconds

The Company 3600 Escape LLC is opening a real-life escape room.  Escape rooms are a relatively new entertainment option. Players are locked in a room with numerous clues that lead to a key needed to escape.  Players have 3600 seconds to piece the clues together to find the key or …


How Long is it before the next wave at Boomerang Bay water park?

This question gets asked a lot at Carowinds amusement parks especially at Boomerang Bay Water Park. The answer is look at the large wave pool timer above the pool. 10,9,8,….1 Let’s get in! Let’s don’t keep it a secret anymore just tell everyone “Come On in the Water and Waves are Great”. See …

Foot switch activated industrial MM:SS countdown timer with Set n Forget BCD Rotary set switches
Countdown Timer

BCD Countdown Timer with Foot Switch

We put together a foot switch operated timer for Boston Scientific. Not Quite sure what they are using it for but they will be able to set it to any MM:SS value using the supplied rotary 10 Position BCD coded switches mounted in the top of the enclosure for easy …


Gatwick Airport Custom Airplane Load-unload Timer

Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom purchased (2) DC-150T-DN-BCD Custom displays. Custom because they requested that the timers count down value be user select-able “statically”, meaning they could set each digit individually by rotating a “static” coded switch to that value. Also if the power was disrupted then the timer …