Bacteria Chamber Airlock Timers for Johnson Controls

Bacteria Airlock Chamber Timers for proper elimination of Bacteria

In order to meet strict FDA regulations for control and mitigation of bacteria and other food borne illness a pharmaceutical company contracted Johnson Controls to install DC-Digital timers (DC-25T-DN-BCD) on the outside of each access point into their production area. The FDA regulations focus on process control and standardization to insure that products that are injected into the human eye are made in a sterile environment. The ingredients to these products are brought into that environment in drums through these access points. Each access point is an airlock chamber where the air is exchanged with a sanitizing agent that sterilizes the drums. The drums must remain in the air lock for a specific amount of time. The timer can lock out access to the airlock during the wait time by a relay. The timer (DC-25T-DN-BCD) tells the operator how much time remains before he or she may enter the airlock and move the drums into the process area.

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