See if you can escape from a room in 3600 seconds

4 inch Green LED Escape room countdown timer

The Company 3600 Escape LLC is opening a real-life escape room.  Escape rooms are a relatively new entertainment option. Players are locked in a room with numerous clues that lead to a key needed to escape.  Players have 3600 seconds to piece the clues together to find the key or they lose. When every second counts the DC-40T-DN-BCD was looked at along with the SW-RMSS-3-GRN-RED-BLK. It was a custom green all seconds countdown timer that could be set for any number of seconds up to 9999.

Digital 4 inch seconds countdown timer
Digital LED 4 inch seconds countdown timer
DC-Digital, Junction Box, PNP wire, 120 VAC Wire, 8 inch Display, White Table, Cardboard box, In-house tutorial, Seconds Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer
Outdoor, Loading Dock Door Closing Countdown Timer for Garage Door Manufacturers

In need of a countdown timer that would let workers know when their garage door is closing, Overhead Door of BG reached out to DC-Digital for a solution. This unit serves as a crucial safety tool for loading docks, specifically designed to alert workers when a garage door is closing. …

DC-Digital, Master-Secondary, Wireless Handheld controller, White table, Countdown Timer, DC-Digital logo, Aluminum, Black Powder Coated, Hanson Silo Company, 4x4 teardrop knockout drops
Countdown Timer
Master-Secondary, Wired Countdown Timer w/ Wireless Controller for Agricultural & Concrete Factories

Hans Silo Company was in need of countdown timer that help in determining how long their powder coating machines remained functional before each batch. DC-Digital provided the solution. The DC-40T-DN-W is a high-precision timer system designed for easy operation and visibility. Clients can set and start the countdown timer using …

DC-Digital, Efficiency Production Counter, Chemical Manufacturing, Cleaning, Planned, Actual, Efficiency, Environmentally sealed push button switch, Computer Screen, White Table, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet
Count Up timer
Network, Product Efficiency Counter w/ Webpage Display for Chemical Manufacturing Companies

With the need of daily products on the rise, PSG Dover reached out to DC-Digital for a unit that would determine the rate at which good products were being made, and keep a log of each and every product. This unit provides robust productivity monitoring with efficient controls. Positioned on …