See if you can escape from a room in 3600 seconds

4 inch Green LED Escape room countdown timer

The Company 3600 Escape LLC is opening a real-life escape room.  Escape rooms are a relatively new entertainment option. Players are locked in a room with numerous clues that lead to a key needed to escape.  Players have 3600 seconds to piece the clues together to find the key or they lose. When every second counts the DC-40T-DN-BCD was looked at along with the SW-RMSS-3-GRN-RED-BLK. It was a custom green all seconds countdown timer that could be set for any number of seconds up to 9999.

Digital 4 inch seconds countdown timer
Digital LED 4 inch seconds countdown timer
Up Timer Clock on White Table for Display
Count Up timer
Rock Climbing Count Up Timer for Outdoor/Indoor Competitions with Separate Start-Stop – DC-60T-UP

Big outdoor waterproof enclosure with sunlight resistance LEDs with wide viewing angles. Bringing maximum awareness to all those taking in the competition. 120vac power, modular remote 60 mm palm switch for easy start, stop & reset triggering. Adjustable mounting tab for easy hanging to any structure. Brings life to any …

Counter and Timer with Two Red Buttons On Display on a White Table
Competition Timers
Basketball Shooting Timer & Counter for Game Competitions Hoop Shooter DC- 802C-TERM & DC- 802-TDN

Whole system is activated by a customer supplied external button. Counter is only allowed to increment while the timer is counting down from 30 to 0. Once it’s started players start shooting baskets and as each basket is made, it increments by one. At the end of thirty seconds, whoever …

4- inch LED digital countdown time with Andon light single action trigger
Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer for Factories that Utilizes Carts in Production /Assembly Lines

Rotopax has contracted DC-Digital for a special order of our countdown timers to regulate how long their carts can remain on station before the next one arrives. This model has a built in Andon Light that will begin flashing once the timer reaches zero and resets when the cart moves …