2.3 LED Up-Timer Clock Foot-Switched Operated Big Red Button External Battery Ninja racing Free Running Clocks
Competition Timers

Ninja Competition Obstacle Course Timer with Footswitch Start

Electric Avenue Athletics has asked DC-Digital for a custom order of one of our up-timer clocks. This model is guaranteed to bring excitement and thrills to parkour enthusiasts test their free-running skills and see how fast they can complete the obstacle course. See full operation video on our Youtube Channel …

6 input sensor DC25 term counter increment decrement stainless weatherproof controller on white table DC-Digital

Recycle Bottle Electronic LED Counter with 6 lane Sensors

Hart Return Bottle Return Depot will be using DC-Digital’s DC-25C-TERM counter for handling the count and display portion of their bottle return business. See our complete Youtube Video on this counter. Bottle return companies have long been champions of recycling and environmental sustainability. To further enhance their operations, a forward-thinking …

Hourly Rate COunter Clock for Production truck companies with an area sensor on White Table DC-Digital

Truck Loading-Unloading Package Timer with Rate per Hour

Keep your employees work load at a safe pace Ordered by FedEx to keep track of the rate of employee movement per hour. In particular loading and unloading their trucks. See our Youtube video on this product see Dc-Digital’s similar product DC-40T-UP-RATE-MIN Display minutes In today’s competitive business environment, it’s …

Master Secondary Countdown Timer for Newsroom Anchor Foot Switch Wired Remote Controller Long battery cord White Table DC-Digital
Countdown Timer

Newsroom Timer with Footswitch for Anchor to control

Spectrum News and Broadcasting hired DC-Digital to manufacture their news broadcasting timer and add controls for the news anchor to control it. See our complete operation Youtube video. In the fast-paced world of news broadcasting and studio management, precision timing is absolutely critical. To keep the show running seamlessly and …

Countdwon Timer Clocks Momentary Closure Contact Big Red Button Single Action Clock DC-Digital
Countdown Timer

“Streamlining Efficiency with DC-Digital’s Single Action Countdown Timer Clocks”

In the world of production lines and factory operations, precision and efficiency are paramount. Every moment counts, and that’s where DC-Digital’s Single Action Countdown Timer Clocks step in to make a significant difference. These specialized timers are designed for single-action relay countdowns, offering a convenient solution for time-sensitive tasks in …

network web based time management system 50 events 7 day programmable master clock and bell ringer

Enhancing Workforce Efficiency with DC-Digital’s Time Management Solution

Enhancing Workforce Efficiency with DC-Digital’s Time Management Solution In today’s fast-paced business world, time management is a critical aspect of ensuring productivity and efficiency. Deltec Inc., a forward-thinking company, recognized the importance of managing work hours and breaks effectively. They turned to DC-Digital for a solution that would help their …

Three Big Red Buttons DC-25T-DN-BCD Countdown Timer Three Terminal Start/Stop Restart/Pause Restart/Start DC- Digital
Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer Clock w/ 3 Terminals to Regulate Countdown Functions for Security Personal

McMillan Security Systems has reached out to DC-Digital for our DC-25T-DN-BCD. What sets this countdown timer apart from our other models is how it comes with a third terminal that resets and starts from the last digit set, eliminating the need to input a new time to countdown from. – …

DC-25T-DN-BCD-NEMA Controller Countdown Timer, Production, Factory, remote, NEMA Enclosed, Remote Controller Push Button BCD Rotary Set Switches DC- Digital
Countdown Timer

Custom Countdown Timer for Production Lines & Factories

Our second order requested by JBS Riverside, this countdown timer is a custom order to our previous NEMA models. This model is able to reset to the last set value when the countdown reaches zero, allowing the timer to loop indefinitely. – BCD-Remote-NEMA controller that has a Black “Start/Stop” and …

DC-80N-IN 8 Inch LED, Network NTP Server Synchronized, Web Page Configurable, Atomic Digital Time of Day Clock Indoor Pool DC-Digital

Synchronized Network Clocks for Indoor Pools & Wellness Centers

MUSC Wellness Center reached out to DC-Digital to develop two 8 inch Network clocks for their indoor pool area. This clock can be viewed up 400 feet away, and comes with it’s own Web page browser interface, along time verification, building ID, and seamless synchronization between networks. DC-Digital is proud …


Clean Room Display Water Test

Our displays are manufactured with the greatest care. The DC-406N-POE-FLUSH-STAINLESS, for example, has been tested to highlight how our displays repel water and protect the vital electronic components in our timers and clocks from getting wet. These well insulated displays are perfect for sterile clean room environments. Our IP66 rated …


Custom Multi-function Timer for National Men’s Conference

Valere Studios in Cincinnati contacted us for a highly visible, easy to operate timer. The stage was set at the Cintas Center where Valere Studios filmed segments for viewers of the National Men’s Conference that recently took place. DC-Digital provided them with a DC-256UTW. This multi-function product comes with a …


PT Indoor/Outdoor Training and Sports Wireless Timer

North Dakota’s Air National Guard and RTS ordered one of DC-Digital’s DC-806UTW-BTC displays. This is a wirelessly controlled, battery operated tripod mounted display that comes with a heavy duty carrying case. It is easy to operate with a RF handheld remote that comes equipped with a belt clip. It displays …

DC-60T-UP Count up timer to count how long patrons can hold their breath
Count Up timer

How long can you hold your breath?

The Ft. Worth Zoo wanted to demonstrate that a Hippopotamus can hold its breath for approximately 5 minutes. How long can you hold your breath? Test yourself against the timer by the exhibit! For Hippos, rising to the surface for air is known as an involuntary response. If a hippopotamus …


Unique Clock System for University Bus Stops and Busses

We at DC-Digital are proud to say that we have had partnerships with clients lasting over 10 years. High Point University in North Carolina is an example. They first ordered from us in 2010. We designed a clock system for them that spans their university campus and stays accurate and …


Cleanroom Network NTP Displays with Atomic Date and Time of Day

DC-Digital is well versed in crafting our clean room products. Recently we received a large order for clean room displays from Pfizer, a global leader in creating medicine and vaccines. At this specific Pfizer plant in Michigan, they manufacture and package penicillin. They wanted displays that are: The DC-25ALN-Date-Time-POE-STAINLESS come …

Countdown Timer

High School Students Give Back with Countdown Timer

We receive all kinds of orders here at DC-Digital, from standard products to ones customized to the purchaser specifications. Green Level High School in North Carolina ordered a DC-609T-DN-W-IN for a special event. The Senior Class of 2023 wanted to give a meaningful gift to their school that could be …

Count Up timer

Our TV Debut! The One Tree Hill Timer

DC-Digital made its debut on the small screen with a DC-159T-DN nine digit count-up display for the classic TV drama, One Tree Hill. Playing a big role in the 7th Season of One Tree Hill, the displayed time represents the number of seconds that have passed since character Dan Scott …

Count Up timer

Justice is served with the DC-256T-UP-TERM

In the courtroom, every second counts and brain power must be devoted to quick thinking and compelling points, not in keeping track of how much time has passed. Let DC-Digital do the legwork for you with an efficient and straight forward solution. PCVA Attorneys at Law, a law firm based …


Stay on Top of Production Cycle Counts with This Timer

DC-Digital is here to communicate and work with you on custom projects to ensure you receive exactly what you’re looking for. Recently, Ridged Paper Tube Corp. , a manufacturing company with production lines that change projects several times a day, came to us looking for a counter that would show …


Box and Package Counter Tracks Planned, Actual, and Efficiency

Meet and exceed your goal with the DC-406C-2 -EFF-SENS! Campbell’s Snacks needed a customizable production counter for their assembly line. Instead of the usual pace of production program that would come with this counter, a straightforward 3-button controller that controls the increment, decrement, and reset was implemented. This display is …


Atomic Time Wash Down Clock for Food Processing

Do you work or manage a department that is constantly in need of cleaning and worry that there is no way to keep a time of day clock safe in such an environment? The good news is that it is possible and DC-Digital has the solution for you! Costco ordered …

Countdown Timer

Life Saving Freezer Timer

When you’re worried about safety and security, turn to DC-Digital for our dependable technology. Central-Security came to us asking for a timer for a large cold storage freezer. Temperatures inside the freezer get below 32°F, which a person can freeze to death in. To prevent a life-threatening situation, they asked …


Billboard Sized Countdown Timer for Netflix Special

Standard Scenery purchased a DC-306-T-DN-W to display the countdown to Netflix’s Chris Rock comedy special, Selective Outrage, that aired live on March 4th. This was Netflix’s first live streaming event since its creation, and they needed a huge eye catching display that would get viewers hyped up and generate buzz. …


Simple and Portable Council Chamber Timer

Prince George Co. Public Schools came to us looking for a wireless timer for their board meetings that has: We delivered that and more with the DC-40UTW-KEY-SYSTEM-W. This timepiece puts power into the hands of the users. It has an up timer, down timer, and a clock that operates in …

Mitsubishi power Ship Date Timers and message board
Synchronized Timers

Custom Countdown to Ship Date Timers for Mitsubishi Power Systems.

Achieving ship dates are important to any production company. We have designed a custom countdown to ship date timer for Mitsubishi Power Systems. This allows for better organization in the manufacturing area as well as the shipping area. This timer helps the company, as a whole, stay focused on meeting their ship …


Wireless DC-10 T-DN’s Used For Stage Production In Billy Elliot The Musical

We created a special edition clock that will be used throughout the Billy Elliot The Musical Tour.  We took our DC-10 T-DN and modified it for the set’s specific needs.  They are using the down timer in order to get the cast and the stage hands to where they need …

6 inch LED Digital countdown to an event timer days hours minutes and seconds

Project or Event Countdown Clocks

DC-Digital features a line of project or event countdown timers.  These clocks can be utilized for many occasions.  We have sold the products to such customers as The Ohio State University and Michigan as countdowns to the game where they play each other (which the clocks featured the ability to …


DC-80 T-DN or T-UP Timers With Motion Sensors

DC-Digital is offering products of multiple uses!  The featured product that I am speaking of today is a DC-80 complete with motion censors.  This may be used in many fashions including as an up-timer or down-timer.  The motion censor works with the function of the clock.  When the lazer connecting …

2.3 Inch LED wireless controlled Multi-Purpose Multi-Function Digital Timer

DC-256 Wireless Universal Timers For The Arkansas Razorbacks

The Arkansas Razorback’s football team has recently purchased 15 DC-256UTW Wireless Universal Timers.  These clocks have multiple functions including, up-time, down-time and may be used as a regular clock.  The display features 2.3 inch, extra-bright digits and it is blacked out all around for maximum visibility (which makes it look …

DC-40UT Digital Multi-Function Count Up Timer Countdown timer and clock timer down

Multi-Function Timer and Lockheed Martin

We are proud to say that we were able to distribute to a company that helps out our U.S. Military!  Lockheed Martin ordered 3 DC-40UT Universal Timer’s recently.  With the availability in our stock, we were able to send these out to them the next morning. Lockheed Martin provides technological resources …


Custom Timers With Multiple Options!

DC-Digital has just sent out a fairly original order.  The customer purchased six standard DC-40 up-timers… but in pieces!  They plan to put them together in their own manner rather than use our cases.  The order came complete with 6 DC-40 boards that contain three digits, so he timer can …

Custom Days without an accident saftey scorebaoard

Northfolk Southern Days Without Accident Timers Days without last recordable safety scoreboard

Norfolk Southern’s Conway Locomotive Shop has recently purchased a Days Without An Accident Timer.  This timer features sections counting up for days, hours, minutes and seconds.  It will count up to 9,999 days.  The display is Norfolk Southern’s own design that we put in front of our digits.  The timer …

Countdown Timer

Commercial Industrial Countdown Timer (DC-10)

A recent purchase was made of one of our most original products.  It is our standard DC-10 clock, but cumstomized to meet the customer’s important needs.  The clock meets IP 66 and Nema 4, 12 and 13 ratings!  It is made out of polycarbonate which carries a U.L. flammability rating …


Football Scoreboard Installation at Talawanda High School in Oxford

DC-Digital can provide services with scoreboards.  We do many of these a year.  We order the scoreboard through another company and we do the installation ourselves.  We have recently put up scoreboards at Wilmington College and for Talawanda’s brand new high school in Oxford, Ohio.  If it is for a …


Lockheed Martin Time Zone Display From DC-Digital

Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics has purchased a DC-40TZ-5. This is a large 86 inch wide clock that keeps 5 different time zones.  It features red, 4-inch displays for all the time zones and can switch from 12 to 24 hour mode.  It is hand-crafted and has a beautiful …


World’s Longest Baseball Game Time and Digital Timer

A Guinness Book of World Record was set over the weekend in Barre, Vermont. 32 people joined together to play the world’s longest baseball game, which lasted 48 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds.  The time of the game, of course, was kept on a DC-606 Up-Timer.  This clock featured …

2.3 Inch LED Flush Mount Digital clock

DC-25 Flush Mount Clocks

DC-Digital Flush Mount Clocks have a 2.3 inch display and fit flush against walls with or without back boxes. They are a great idea for placing a clock (or timer) into a wall that needs to aesthetically pleasing. These flush-mount clocks also can work inside of ambulances or buses. They …

Synchronized Timers

Sierra Products- Honeywell Nema 4x Press Timer

The quality products that are made by DC-Digital have a variety of uses. Take Sierra Products for example. Sierra Products is a manufacturer representative for Process Technology, who provides wet process heating and cooling, among many other things. Process Technology provided an acid bath system to Honeywell. You may be …


Clock Systems in the Work Place.

Some people wonder what kind of industries use DC-Digital products.  There are many schools that have system clocks as well as factories and military institutions.  However, a mass production bakery was a new one for us which is why I chose this as my topic this week. Joseph Campione opened his …

Countdown Timer

Clocks in the Military-Fort Meade

Do you ever wonder what would happen if the United States Military lost track of time? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because thanks to DC-Digital, that will never happen. We have manufactured many clocks, timers, counters, and time zone clocks for different branches of the United States …


Nema 4X Clock System at Baxter Health

Baxter Healthcare is a company that develops and manufactures pharmaceuticals and medical devices and products. Some of the areas in which these products are manufactured are sterile rooms that are used when making certain products such as IV bags and syringes. Baxter Healthcare needed clocks that could be in these …

FAA take off and landing count down timer

FAA Aircraft Landing and Takeoff Count Down Timer

  The Federal Aviation Administration came to Dc-Digital because they needed to develop a timing system in which they could be most efficient for the take off and landing of airplanes. They needed to maintain safety precautions and not collide. DC-Digital was able to use 3D modeling to interpret and …


A Bottomless Lake?

Bottomless Lakes State Park is famous for just what it’s name says: bottomless lakes. The state park, located in New Mexico, actually consists of several small lakes bordered by high red bluffs. The lakes are sinkholes that are filled with water. The deepest lake is Lake Lea at ninety feet …


Castle Fun Park Points Scoreboard

DC-Digital manufactures many custom products, but this particular custom job is certainly unique. Castle Fun park is an amusement park of sorts that has many games and attractions such as bumper cars, bowling, go-karts, batting cages, and soccer goal kick. The soccer goal kick is a game designed with different …


Sea Otter Exhibit Timer

Did you know that an otter can hold it’s breath for nearly five minutes at a time? Neither did I, but it is true. I didn’t find this out until the exhibits department from The Bronx Zoo contacted Dc-Digital to develop a specific type of timer for their sea otter exhibit. Sea …


NBA Count Down Timer

The NBA contacted DC-Digital earlier this year looking for a countdown timer. They needed 40 timers that would be used in every NBA game. When the NBA began consulting with DC-Digital, no such timer existed. DC-Digital had to work with the NBA to fulfill their custom request of such a …