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DC-Digital is a U.S.A. based, veteran co-owned, LED number display and electronics manufacturer, specializing in customized process timers, production counters, computer controlled number displays, and synchronized timer and clock systems. They are designed to maximize efficiency and awareness in the manufacturing, healthcare, government, sports and entertainment markets. With over 25 years of experience, we have all the tools and know how to solve any timing, counting or display need. Please call or email us today, Contact us!! "In all your ways be mindful of Him, and He will make straight your paths" PRVBS 3:3.

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59th Minute time of Day analog clock
59th Minute Reset Correction Network Master Clock

Webpage browser based network setup to output 59th minute correction, master clock. Connect to your network, point it to the ip address you want it to get the atomic time from, then connect your field reset wire to the terminal provided relay terminal block and let it run. Automatically corrects …

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15 Digit Rate Display for Five Guys Fries Pounds Per Second
Rate Display Controlled through Your Cell Phone

You can display a rate of 100 pieces per second down to 100 seconds per piece. This one was for Five Guys are counting the number of pounds of potatoes fried per second! See video: Network Controlled Rate Display See more rate displays: Pace-Rate of Production Page

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Sealed Air DC-405T-DN 4 inch Led countdown and Count up timer with minus sign to show timer had passed 00:00 minutes
Process Cycle Timer Counts Down Then Back Up with Minus (-) Indicator

Large 4 inch LED digital timer DC-405T-DN-NEG-W counts down from the preset value and then once it passes through 00:00 it flashes and starts counting back up to 99:59 minutes. This gives maximum awareness to the process workers keeping them informed in real time. Wirelessly controlled from up to 150 …

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Stericycle DC-80T-DN-BCD 8 inch LED digital process countdown timer at factory
Stericycle DC-80T-DN-BCD process countdown timer

Completely machine activated and reset. The cycle is preset via 4 rotary switches mounted on the timer. 1:  Start/Pause 2:  Reset to Set Value 3: Reset to Set Value and Start, Product: DC-80T-DN-BCD Video: DC-80T-DN-BCD-YouTube DC-Digital products: DC-Digital

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