Synchronized Clocks-Master Clocks

Description: Synchronized Clocks-Master Clocks

DC-Digital hand crafts atomic and manual set master clocks. Atomic set is by either a network NTP server or GPS satellite receiver. The server can be from NIST the customers server or our server (DC-NTP-GPS-Serv server). They can be synchronized by GPS receiver (GPS-MI). If +/- 2 minutes per year accuracy is acceptable then we also provide a factory calibrated master clock that is manual set by push-buttons or RF wireless remote (WRC-2T-S). DC-Digital Master Clocks re-transmit the time back out to the connected clocks automatically by using either wired (2-wire, 4-wire system clocks) or infinite range RF wireless (Store n Forward Wireless clocks). Consultation, no problem!-Contact Us

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