DC-Digital Clean Room Clocks
DC-Digital specializes in designing and manufacturing cleanroom, operating room, washable, digital LED atomic network NTP synchronized system wall clocks. All having the same reliability, ease of setup, accuracy and readability as you come to expect, yet enclosed and sealed in an all non-corrosive "cleanable" tough 316L, IP-66 stainless, flush mount or surface mount enclosure. Powered by your choice of 12VDC, 24VDC, 120VAC or POE (Power Over Ethernet). They easily setup to synchronize to DC-Digital's GPS NTP Server-Master I.P., your server's I.P. or any one of NIST's available free servers, allowing quick connection and displaying of the atomic time of day information. They come with user selectable time-zones as well as 12-24 hour time format. These are, but not limited to, our most popular 2.3 inch and 4.0 inch display models having viewable distances up to 120 and 200 feet respectively with 4 and 6 digit readouts available. All USA designed, engineered, programmed, assembled and tested! Customization no problem!-Contact Us

DC-40N-POE-FLUSH-STAINLESS: Network NTP POE clock, 4.0 inch LED digits, 316L stainless surface mount washable enclosure IP-66 enclosure for clean rooms and operating rooms. Web page interface to allow total flexibility for setup of the IP, Time Format, Name, Time Zone, how often you query and many others.

DC-406N-POE-Stainless: Water test of our clean room - operating room clocks; They efficiently and effectively repel water to protect the electronics from getting wet which allows for non-interrupted operation during the cleaning process. 316L 14Ga. Stainless flush mount
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