DC-Digital Network NTP Synchronized Standalone Clocks
DC-Digital designs, engineers and manufactures, indoor and outdoor, industrial digital LED Network Synchronized clocks. Meticulously handcrafted to each order to accurately and reliably display the time. DC-Digital has created the means of setting up the network clocks by logging into the clocks on board web-page. This allows the user to custom choose the parameters needed for their specific needs (see products more info page for details). Our clocks come in 1 inch to 30 inch high, super bright LED digits that are viewable up to 750 feet. The electronics are housed in all aluminum enclosures, IP-66 waterproof outdoor, NEMA 4x, and stainless steel enclosures. Designed for the industrial, government, health care, safety, entertainment and sports markets. All are USA made! Contact us
NEMA 4X Enclosed 4 inch Network NTP time of day clock that is POE powered (DC-40N-POE-NEMA). Waterproof, POE powered, Server time of day, Web-Page interface, viewable up to 200 feet away.