Synchronized Digital Timers

All DC-Digital timers and clocks can be made into a system of synchronized timers (all displaying identical times). Synchronization occurs when multiple timers (secondary timers) are controlled by one timer (the master timer). The controlled timers can be connected either wired or wireless to the master timer. Consultation or quote!-Contact Us
See Demo Video:

2) Synchronized Wireless Multi-Function Timers (DC-40UTW), DC-40UTW-Master (Spec-Sheet), DC-40UTW-W-Secondary (Spec-Sheet)

3) Synchronized wireless countdown timers with BCD set switches DC-60T-DN-BCD

See video: DC-40UTW-Master with wired DC-25-Secondary

Synchronized Timers as a system DC-40UTW-4 Inch-Master with a DC-80UTW-Secondary

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