Synchronized Digital Timers

DC-Digital has uniquely designed into all of our timers, counters, clocks and number displays the option of making them a synchronized system. The synchronized system is comprised of 1 Master and 1 or multiple Secondary(s). Our Secondary(s) display exactly what the Master displays at any given time. We manufacture 2 types of synchronized systems; 1) Wired synchronized systems (U.S. Patent# 5,425,004) which can have up to 100 secondaries for each Master with up to 1000 feet away and 2) Wireless synchronized systems which can have an unlimited number of Secondary(s) to each Master up to 1500 feet away. Mixing and matching sizes is O.K. as long as the functionality is the same. All are USA designed and manufactured. Questions-Contact Us

See our Demo Videos Below:
Synchronized Timers as a system DC-40UTW-4 Inch-Master with a DC-80UTW-Secondary
1) Synchronized DC-40UTW Multifunction wireless timers

2) Synchronized wireless countdown timers with BCD set switches DC-60T-DN-BCD

See video: DC-40UTW-Master with wired DC-25-Secondary
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