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Question #1: How will you be using the display?

: To measure and display the elapsed time (timer up) or time remaining (timer down).
Timer Down = T-DN
Timer Up = T-UP
Multi-Function, Multipurpose = UT,UTW, (N-T-DN-UP-STATIC)
System = System (synchronized to a master timer)

Counters: To measure and display the number of (pieces, parts, units, etc.).
Counters = C (increments or decrements 1 per unit)
Day Counters = Days (increments 1 every 24 hour period)
Efficiency = EFF (measures and displays the parts completed to what is expected and its percentage of efficiency)
Pace = Pace (measures the efficiency parts completed during a predetermined period of time)

Clocks: To measure and display the time of the day, hours, minutes, and seconds (24 hour period). There are 2 major types synchronized and non-synchronized or standalone. They can also be combined as a system, connected together by wire or wirelessly, having all the same displayed time together.
1) Synchronized master clock system (controlled by a master clock that is synchronized by a GPS receiver, network server, EZ-Time computer program or calibrated crystal oscillator)
2) Standalone clocks (controls its own synchronization by factory calibrated crystal oscillator)
Time of Day = S,N,GPS,UT,UTW
Time Zone = TZ (measures and displays the time of multiple locations around the world)

Number Displays: To receive and display a real time number value instantly.

OEM: (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Displays that are specially designed to be used in or as part of another assembly (signs, boards, artwork, etc..).
Manufactured to fit into your design = OEM

Scoreboards: Displays for sports or presenting an account for real time game stats or progression.

Message boards: Displays text or graphic art style messages. 

Custom - Our most popular choice, we will alter any of the above to customize the operation to your application.

Question #2: Who is your audience?
DC-Digital manufactures 1 inch to 30 Inch LED indoor and outdoor displays, spanning up to 1500 feet viewing distance!

1.0 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 25 feet away - Machine operator, small room, control panels, equipment racks
DC-25: 2.3 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 120 feet away - Machine operator, classroom, board room
DC-40: 4.0 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 200 feet away - Small gymnasium, larger class room, large board room, court room
DC-60: 6.0 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 300 feet away - Small work area, production area, conference room, gymnasium
DC-80: 8.0 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 400 feet away - Gymnasium, running track, large work area, large break area
DC-150:15.0 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 750 feet away - Production area, manufacturing floor, large outdoor area, gymnasium
DC-300: 30.0 Inch LEDs, Can be seen up  to 1500 feet away - Parking lot, outdoor arena, football field, boat docks

Question #3: How do you want to interface to the display?
DC-Digital accommodates many industry standards as far as interfacing to our displays!

Network: Computer or Smart Phone controlled by a Web Browser page (generated by the display) through your network or direct connect
RS-232: Serial controlled, either wired or wireless
Switch or Contact Closure: Momentary or On-Off, Normally open or Normally Closed contacts
Foot Switch: Hands free operations
Relay: Momentary or On-Off, Normally open or Normally Closed Contacts
BCD: Rotary set switches
PLC: Serial data or contact closure or contact open or NPN or PNP (5-30VDC)
Sensor: Contact closure or contact open or NPN or PNP (5-30VDC), serial data
Keypad: Wired or wirelessly control your display by a 25 preprogrammed tactile keypad
Remote Push-Button: Palm switches or Foot switches wired or wireless
Local Top Mounted Push-Button switches: Environmentally sealed push-button switches
Handheld Push-Buttons: Wired or wirelessly control through a handheld push-button box
Andon Lights: Multi-Colored lights for end of periods or specific intervals of timing or counting periods
Audible buzzers or horns: For end of periods or specific intervals of timing or counting periods
Pneumatic air switch:
Custom: Please contact Us if you have another means of interfacing input or output

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