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DC-Digital Synchronized System Clocks
Gain efficiency with all of your staff and processes down to the micro-second. Connect to your IT server or a satellite GPS or a manually set master clock. Since 1996 DC-Digital has been manufacturing system synchronized clock's and kept everyone on time (see U.S. patent#: 54,25,004 "2-Wire Clock System"). Go wired or wireless with an infinite amount of clocks (see wireless store and forward technology). Easy setup and installation with straight forward designs that save you time, money and effort. See also: Synchronized Clocks-Master Clock page. All USA made! Questions? Contact Us.

DC-806-N-Master-4W Browser based Network Master clock is married to a DC-806-4W-System 8 inch LED digital 6 digit secondary clock. All of our Network clocks have the capabilities to be set up as master clocks either wired or wireless?