Digital Atomic GPS Clocks

(WT-250-Wireless-System) RF Wireless Transmitter

Description: Digital Atomic GPS Wall Clocks

DC-Digital atomic system wall clocks use a specially engineered GPS receiver and interface (DC-GPS-MI-System) to acquire and re-transmit the atomic time to DC-Digital secondary clocks. For 2-wire clock systems (PS-24BD 2-Wire Digital Clock Power Supply) or wireless clock systems (WT-250 wireless system transmitter). Secondary 4-Wire system clocks use (DC-XX-4W) for 2-wire system clock use (DC-XX-2W) and for wireless systems use (DC-XX-W) type model numbers. They are enclosed in all aluminum for (indoor) or all aluminum IP-66 waterproof (outdoor) or Nema 4X poly-carbonate (Nema) or your enclosure (OEM). Customization no problem!-Contact us

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