Hands free wire etching solution process timer

2.3 inch LED Count up timer with threshold BCD set Rotary switches
2.3 inch LED Count up timer with threshold BCD set Rotary switches

HLT Medical was in need of a process timer thatĀ could be operated completely hands free (Shown here with 60mm palm switch. We were out of our footswitch at time of video https://dc-digital.com/store/DC-Foot-25-DC-Digital-Foot-Switch-Momentary-Actuation-with-25-ft-cord.html). They wanted a 60 second count up timer with an end of period horn and has an easy use selectable elapsed time (DC 25T UP BCD Set Switches for upper threshold alarm) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLCQaBpnM10) . The customer is using this timer for an etch process of nitinol wire. This is not an automated process and requires precisionĀ timekeeping and weighing of the product. An operator dips the part in an etch solution for one minute, then rinses three times. The product is then weighed and the product weight is calculated to determine the amount of time for the second etch step. The second etching is usually less than a minute and that is why they want the timer to count up to 60 seconds.

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