2.3 LED Up-Timer Clock Foot-Switched Operated Big Red Button External Battery Ninja racing Free Running Clocks
Competition Timers

Ninja Competition Obstacle Course Timer with Footswitch Start

Electric Avenue Athletics has asked DC-Digital for a custom order of one of our up-timer clocks. This model is guaranteed to bring excitement and thrills to parkour enthusiasts test their free-running skills and see how fast they can complete the obstacle course. See full operation video on our Youtube Channel …

DC-60T-UP-Days safe work days display with 6 inch LED digits

Duke Energy adds Days without an Accident safety scoreboard

Duke energy is very aware of the fact that safety matters with Incident awareness clocks. We all want to work in a safe environment and sometimes it is best to be reminded of just how safe. We can never be reminded to much of how  well things really are. Duke …


FOREIGNER the band purchases another DC-40UT timer

The  band, Foreigner recently purchased a DC-Digital DC-40 UT.  The band uses the timer to manage how much time they spend on stage.  The DC-Digital DC- 40UT can be used to count either up or down.  It has a viewing distance of 200 feet.


Mayo Clinic purchases Digital up timer

The Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota will receive a highly visible up to 50 feet, 1.0 inch digital up timer the Dc-10T-Up. It can be used for timing all sorts of events. The display is small but is highly visible compared to the competitors gray scale LCD displays. It comes …


Product-Unit Counter with Interval Timer and remotes

  Culp inc. Manufacturing will be using this new unit counter and timer up interval counter to pace their production lines in final assembly. The counter portion (upper display) simply increments up once per switch press keeping tally of unit produced while the lower display (interval counter) is set at …

8 Individual set Countdown Timers in one, with remote starts
Synchronized Timers

Snap-On 8 Cycle Countdown Timers in One

Snap-On dips their metal parts into eight different chemical baths. Each chemical bath has a different cycle time. If a part sits in a bath for too long, or too short, the finish will not be acceptable for sale. Parts must complete all eight processes before inspection. In an effort …


DC-80 T-DN or T-UP Timers With Motion Sensors

DC-Digital is offering products of multiple uses!  The featured product that I am speaking of today is a DC-80 complete with motion censors.  This may be used in many fashions including as an up-timer or down-timer.  The motion censor works with the function of the clock.  When the lazer connecting …

Countdown Timer

Commercial Industrial Countdown Timer (DC-10)

A recent purchase was made of one of our most original products.  It is our standard DC-10 clock, but cumstomized to meet the customer’s important needs.  The clock meets IP 66 and Nema 4, 12 and 13 ratings!  It is made out of polycarbonate which carries a U.L. flammability rating …


World’s Longest Baseball Game Time and Digital Timer

A Guinness Book of World Record was set over the weekend in Barre, Vermont. 32 people joined together to play the world’s longest baseball game, which lasted 48 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds.  The time of the game, of course, was kept on a DC-606 Up-Timer.  This clock featured …