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325-345 Industry Drive DC-Digital Buildings

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Established in 1967 a.k.a IES (Industrial Electronic Service), DC-Digital is a Christian, USA based, large LED display electronic engineering manufacturer. We have been developing and manufacturing quality industrial indoor-outdoor LED digital timers, counters, clocks and number displays since 1996. DC-Digital designs, engineers and creates its own software and firmware, circuit boards, enclosures, controllers, systems, and then manufactures, tests, inventories, markets, and distributes from the Carlisle, Ohio facilities. This makes us extremely flexible with manufacturing custom designs to fit any application.

We serve the manufacturing, healthcare, government-military-education, sports and entertainment markets: See some of our most valuable customers from 2019!


RoHS Compliant

All Circuit Board Components are Through Hole Technology

NIST SP 800-Series Compliant: Government Capabilities Statement

USA based – Veteran Owned – Army National Guard

Patent: 2-Wire Digital Clock System (1996) (U.S. Patent# 5,425,004)

2 Facilities:

325 Industry Drive Carlisle, Ohio 45005; 7,500 sqft. Facility: Engineering, prototyping, circuit board development and manufacturing. Established in 2001

345 Industry Drive Carlisle, Ohio 45005; 14,000 sqft. Facility: Enclosure manufacturing and assembly. Established in 2010

Address: 325 Industry Drive Carlisle, Ohio 45005;  Google Map

Phone: 937-746-9750 FAX: 937-746-9704

Email: info@dc-digital.com or Contact Us

DC-Digital specializes in designing and manufacturing custom and standard industrial high quality digital timers, counters, clocks and number displays for manufacturing facilities, government facilities, schools, hospitals and private organizations.