Custom, NEMA Enclosed, Production Countdown Timer w/ Multi-Colored ANDON Light for Metal Manufactures

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Countdown Timer

DC-Digital has been working with C.R. Laurence Manufacturing 55th to create a custom order Countdown timer to help regulate their metal production line. This is a custom model of our NEMA Countdown timers and that it comes with an ANDON light that flashes red when the countdown is starting. User sets the desired time through our BCD Rotary Switch set and then presses down on the junction box button to start the timer. Meanwhile, our ANDON light lets workers within a designated area know that the production timer has started. Once the countdown timer reaches zero, the EOP buzzer goes off for three seconds to let workers know that the allotted time is up.

– User sets desired countdown through BCD rotary switches, then presses down on button to Start, Stop and Resets countdown to the last value.

– Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, Momentary Actuated, Palm Switch Junction Box (SW-1-HD-BLK): Start, Stop & Reset to Last Value, 3 press activation functions. Weatherproof casing with 20 feet of cabling.

– Polycarbonate, Nema 4,4X,6,6P,12,12K & IP66 rating, waterproof enclosure with UL flammability rating of UL94 for all factory settings.

– Multi-Color ANDON light that flashes red when counting down set time and EOP Buzzer goes off for 3 seconds when allotted time reaches zero.

– Can countdown from 99 minutes and 59 seconds (MM:SS).

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