Custom, NEMA Countdown Timer that Loops Indefinitely with 3 Push Button Switches for Steel Production Company

DC-Digital, NEMA case, IP-66, UL Flammability rating, momentary contact closure, 120-240 VAC, white table BCD rotary switches, US Steel, Countdown, production, timer, looping
Countdown Timer

US Steel reached out to DC-Digital for a method of regulating the pace of their steel smelting production. This model is a custom product and it’s primary function is to countdown from the preset time to zero via our BCD rotary switches. The timer then loops back to the last value it was set to and restarts the countdown. Clients are able to utilize our 3 momentary push contact buttons in order to Start/Stop, Reset and Restart to regulate the countdown flow. Enclosure is a NEMA grade, IP-66 that is waterproof and flame resistant due to our polycarbonate casing (UL49 rating).

– BCD rotary switches presets the time to countdown and loops indefinitely when timer reaches zero. Can countdown from 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

– PLC, momentary contact closures: Start/Stop, Reset/Start, Reset that regulate countdown functions. Wired via terminal block inside the enclosure.

– Polycarbonate, air-tight sealed, NEMA 4X, 6, 6P, 12, 12K, 13, IP-66 enclosure that is waterproof and flame resistant (UL49 flammability rating).

– 120-240 VAC, SJEOOW, NEMA 5-15, 9 feet power cord that is ground into the enclosure.

– 1 inch, LED digit that can be viewed up to 25 feet away.

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