Dental Production Countdown Timer w/ Stacked Andon Light & RF Controller for Orthodontic Production Companies

Stacked Andon Light, DC-Digital, 4 inch display, white table, Wireless Remote Controller, DC-40T-DN-W-ANDON
Countdown Timer

G & H Orthodontics has reached out to DC-Digital for their custom countdown timer that visually displays the remaining amount of time for their dental production line. This model is equipped with a Stacked LED Tower that displays green, yellow and red for when the countdown starts. User inputs the desired time using our RF Wireless Remote Controller. The green LED indicates to the user that the countdown is currently in affect, while the yellow LED shows that the allotted time has reached 30 seconds and is close to ending. The red LED indicates that the time has reached 0, followed by our High Adjustable EOP Buzzer that goes off when said time is reached.

– Stacked, ANDON Light Tower (DC-STACK-RYG-24). Displays green light when countdown begins, flashes yellow when 30 seconds are remaining and Red when countdown reaches 0 (High Adjustable EOP Buzzer goes off, as well)

– Wireless, RF Remote Controller (WRC-6T): Set hours, Set Minutes, Set Seconds, Start/Stop, Zero Reset & Reset to Last Value Functions. Can be operated with a range of 1500 ft outdoors and 300 ft indoors

– Power Extension Cable (DC-EXT15): 15 ft long, 2.1mm Male to Female connector for DC-Digital wall adapter power supplies (PS-12-15-24)

– 14 gauge, tough, black powder coated aluminum enclosure that is fingerprint and dust resistant

– 4 Inch, 4 digit display that counts down from 99 hours in a hundredth of a second

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