City Council Meeting Wireless Synchronous Timer Systems w/Large LED Displays

City Council Chambers Wireless LED Digital Timer System
Count Up timer

City of West Haven, UT, and City of Sedona, AZ, both contracted DC-Digital to help them keep their city council chamber meetings on time. RF-Wirelessly controlled and also RF wireless synchronization, multi-function timers, count up (elapsed time), countdown (time remaining) and time of day clocks (can be shown when timers are not in use).

– Flexibility: Multi-function, multi-purpose counts up and down, up to or down from 99 hours with an end of period buzzer (can be easily disconnected)

– Easy installation: RF-wireless controls and RF wireless synchronization (up to 1500 feet away) can be installed virtually any where there is a power outlet.

– Expandable: An infinite number of timers can be added as secondary’s, as long as you have a Master timer. Add as many timers without needed any additional equipment. NOTE: Also, any size LED digit display can be added.

– Viewable and Durable: 4 inch LED Digits viewable up to 200 feet away. All aluminum enclosure with tough textured fingerprint proof powder coating.

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