Network Clock Utilities Programs and Upgrades


Requirements: Built on or before Feb. 2020 and older. Verify by the: Serial number on the back of the clock EX. 101019JS (2 digit format left to right = Month, Day, Year )

For more information about the receiving this upgrade or any other questions about DC-Digital clocks, timers, counters or number displays please Contact Us.

autoupdate.exe (ZIP) (.EXE file. Will give the user the capability to locate all of the DC-Digital network clocks that are connect to the users network)

Auto-update Instructions (.PDF Instructions on how to download the file to the located network clock. That file will be in the format: [company name]_App.s19 and it will contain the new IP address from which the network clock will acquire the NTP.)

Instructions for IP-Setup

IPSetup.exe is a Windows™ program that can be used to discover the IP address of DC-Digital products on a local area network. Once the ZIP file has been downloaded to a Windows computer and unzipped, IPSetup.exe (ZIP) can run without further installation.

15 inch LED network IP controlled number display representing countdown to super bowl 57 in minutes and the number of packets of food donated
Quaker Hunger Clock – How many packets of food can we donate before super bowl LVII (57)?

Quaker oats is solving America’s hunger problem one packet of food at a time. Their goal is 5 million packets and more donated by Superbowl 57. DC-Digital was contracted to build this special 15 inch LED digital countdown clock and number of “Packets Donated” display (LED’s, electronics and enclosure only, …

Webpage Browser Based Shift or Lunch or Break Bell Ringer Clock with Horn

50 Events, 1 Zone, 7 day programmable, through its own hosted webpage! See Product: DC-60N-BR-50-1RM-Master See video: 50 Event Web Page Browser based Bell Ringer No software to purchase all you need is a web browser like Google, Yahoo or Fire Fox and you can program it! No monthly subscriptions …

Large Outdoor Atomic Clock, Just turn it on…easy!

Just apply power and it will automatically sets to the correct time +/- 1 second every 15,000,000,000 years! GPS NIST satellite set, – No batteries, – No worries, automatic daylight savings adjustment See demonstration video: DC-150-GPS