OEM Digital Timers-Counters-Clocks-Number Displays

Industrial OEM multi-function displays are "Hand built to Hand install" into your enclosure, machine, environment with functionality from simple plug and play attributes like day timers, time of day clocks, count up and down timers to programmable according to your specs? We specialize in custom applications, but chances are, we already make it, contact us, we will be happy to find a solution for you! USA made. More...(at bottom of page)
Description: OEM Digital Timers, Counters, Clocks

DC-Digital OEM's are designed to be easily installed into your signage, enclosure or application. They can be controlled by push-buttons, contact closures (Accessories page), voltage PNP sources (5-30 VDC), NPN sink, RF wireless transmitter or RS-232 Serial data. We make indoor and outdoor models from 1 inch to 30 inch digits with up to 750 feet viewing distances. We can also provide enclosures in Nema 4X poly-carbonate (Nema) or all aluminum (indoor) or all aluminum IP-66 waterproof (outdoor). Customization no problem!-Contact Us

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