(DC-80C-Term-Key-Pace-IN) 8.0 Inch LED Digital Production Pace Timer-Counter with 24 Keypad Programmer and Controller (INDOOR)

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• Sets the pace of production
• Pace can be set up to 9999 seconds per unit 
• Pace can be set up to 100 units per second
• 24 Key wired keypad (25ft. cabling)
• Includes remote control feature
• 400 Feet viewing distance
• Heavy duty 14 Ga. all aluminum enclosure
• Wide viewing angle, LED digits
• 1.0, 2.3,4, 6, 15, 30 Inch LED Digit heights available
• Customizable to fit any of your clock needs: Contact-Us

Tech Notes:
• Function: keeps production count pace per timed interval. User selectable either units per second (up to 100 units per second) or seconds per unit (set up to 9999 seconds)
• Control operations: Set parts per second, set seconds per part, tart-pause timer, start, stop(pause), reset to zero, reset and start
• Control type: 24 Key pre-programmed keypad (Customizable to fit your needs), with 25 feet of cabling (wireless optional). Internal terminations for remote start-stop, reset to zero and reset and start (contact closure or PNP)
• Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, @ 3 amps, grounded 3 prong 6ft. power cable (optional junction box with pigtails)
• Digit type: (4) x 7 Segments made up of individual 5mm oval, 110 x 40 degree viewing angle, 1100 mcd sunlight resistant red LED 621nm (adjusted for indoor use)
• Number height actual: 8 inches / 203 mm 
• Viewing distance: 400 feet / 121 Meters
• Enclosure: Aluminum, tough, finger print resistant, black powder coated
• Dimensions: 25 inches wide x 11-1/8 inches tall x 3-1/4 inches deep
• Mounting: (2) slotted tear drop mounting tabs (see spec. sheet 2D drawings), Handle and tripod mounting optional
• Manufacturer: DC-Digital, Made in the USA
• Warranty: 1 Year (optional extended warranty plan @ checkout)


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