(DC-25C-2-EFF-KEY-PACE-WR) 2.3 Inch LED Digital Production Pace Efficiency Counter/Timer with 60mm Palm Switch for “Actual” Count Pace and 24 Keypad Input for Setting, Starting, and Pausing the “Planned” Count Pace (Measures Pieces per Second or Seconds per Piece)

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• Tracks and displays units per second as well as seconds per unit

• "Planned" Timed units produced, pace counter (.01 to 9999 seconds)
• "Actual" Count (includes heavy duty palm switch with cord)
•  Real time "Efficiency" (up to 200%)
•  24 Key-Keypad Programmer/controller 
• Internal terminal blocks for programmer and controls
• High Intensity field replaceable LED digits
• Hidden mounting points 
• 1, 4, 6, 8, 15, 30 Inch LED Digit heights available
• Customizable to fit any of your counting needs: Contact-Us

Tech Notes:
Functions "Planned": Automatically increments 1 count per programmed number of seconds (up to 9999 seconds) and or counts the number of units produced per 1 second (100 units per second maximum)
• Functions "Actual": Increments up to 9999
Functions "Efficiency": Calculates and displays the percentage difference between the Actual and the Planned count, up to 200%
Control operation "Planned": Wired (25ft. of cord with RJ-45 quick disconnect) 24-Key, Keypad programmer/controller. Instantly sets pace count timer in seconds (up to 9999 seconds), increments, decrements  the "Actual" count. Pauses pace timer
Control operation "Actual": High impact, heavy duty palm switch mounted in an electrical 2 x 4 weather resistant junction box and 25 ft' of cabling. Will also accept, NPN (common sink) or PNP (5-30VDC) from a relay, switch, sensor or PLC
Power: 120Vac-240Vac, 50-60Hz, @ 1 Amp, 3-Prong 6ft. power cord (24VDC operation optional)
Digit type: Super bright bar type 7 segment red LED 621nm
Number height actual: = 2.3 inches / 58.42 mm
Viewing distance: 120Ft. / 36.5 Meters
Enclosure: Aluminum, tough, fingerprint resistant, black powder coated
Labeling: Vinyl- blue color with white 1 inch lettering (other colors available) 
Dimensions: 16 inches wide x 15.75 inches tall x 2.25 inches deep
Mounting: (2) Teardrop adjustable mounting tabs (see specification sheet 2D drawings)
Audible: Optional
Counting accuracy: Quartz (factory calibrated to +/- .0005 pps, @ 10Mhz)
Manufacturer: DC-Digital, Made in the USA
• Warranty: 1 Year (optional extended warranty plan @ checkout)


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