6 input sensor DC25 term counter increment decrement stainless weatherproof controller on white table DC-Digital

Recycle Bottle Electronic LED Counter with 6 lane Sensors

Hart Return Bottle Return Depot will be using DC-Digital’s DC-25C-TERM counter for handling the count and display portion of their bottle return business. See our complete Youtube Video on this counter. Bottle return companies have long been champions of recycling and environmental sustainability. To further enhance their operations, a forward-thinking …


Box and Package Counter Tracks Planned, Actual, and Efficiency

Meet and exceed your goal with the DC-406C-2 -EFF-SENS! Campbell’s Snacks needed a customizable production counter for their assembly line. Instead of the usual pace of production program that would come with this counter, a straightforward 3-button controller that controls the increment, decrement, and reset was implemented. This display is …

DC-10T-UP-Foot Footswitch Activated Count Up timer 1 Inch Digits t use as a handwashing timer

Handwashing Timers with Foot Switch Activation

Roncelli Construction is completing a remodel for Beaumont Hospital and purchased multiple DC-10T-UP-Foot timers.  Beaumont Hospital are using the timers to assist surgeons to keep track of the time they are spending scrubbing in.  The DC-10T-UP-Foot timer is the perfect choice for this application because it is completely hands free.  The …