large loading dock countdown timer for distribution center

Shipping loading dock truck loading countdown timer with horn for end of period rf wireless controls 30 inch LED's IP-65 enclosure
  • viewable up to 1500 feet away
  • Audible 3 second horn at 00:00 seconds
  • RF-Wireless remote controls
  • Perfect for large factories

keeping everyone a where of the time they have left to get the truck loaded and on it’s way is vitally important to every shipping or distribution center. Viewable up to 1500 feet away this timer gives maximum visual awareness down to the second with an audible horn at 00:00 seconds. Used also for factory floor process or production countdown timing when many team members need to work together pulling to complete time related jobs.
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See this product’s Video: DC-300T-DN-W Dock Timer Video

See product: DC-300T-DN-W

See more large countdown timers: DC-Digital Countdown Timers

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