Large Outdoor Special Event Countdown Timer Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds

DC-609T-DN-Days-Hours-Minutes and Seconds Countdown Timer for Special Events
Count Up timer
DC-609T-DN-Days-Hours-Minutes and Seconds Countdown Timer for Special Events

-Heavy duty large outdoor 6 Inch LED Digital Countdown to a special event timer can be viewed up to 300 feet away.

-Waterproof IP-66 all extruded aluminum weatherproof enclosure.

-Push-button set, Wireless RF-set or now Network settable

-Easily mounts to any structure

-Made in the USA

See other all of DC-Digital Countdown to an event timers: Countdown to an event timers

See You Tube Video regarding this product: DC-609T-DN-Video

See Actual Product in the DC-Digital Store: DC-609T-DN

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Count Up timer
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