DC-Digital’s Network Device Web Page Security Claim

Breached servers and stolen sensitive information, foreign threats and infiltration is common place these days and billions, in the industry, is spent on network security. DC-Digital understands the ongoing need for network security and breach prevention. This is why we have put countless hours into designing, engineering, programming and manufacturing our made only in the USA Network devices.

1) Our network hardware interface cards are engineered, programmed and manufactured in the USA

2) All web page server software is programmed by our engineers here at DC-Digital to retrieve just the information necessary for proper display updating and outputting. Server software is proprietary to DC-Digital. The user interface web server page cannot be altered or hacked to infiltrate the internet or intranet.

3) All of the DC-Digital displays that are connected and controlled by the network card and software are all designed, engineered, programmed, and manufactured here in the USA and cannot be altered or hacked in order to breach or infiltrate the users internet or intranet.

Web page clock settings for DC-Digital clocks
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