Nema 4X Clock System at Baxter Health

Baxter Healthcare is a company that develops and manufactures pharmaceuticals and medical devices and products. Some of the areas in which these products are manufactured are sterile rooms that are used when making certain products such as IV bags and syringes. Baxter Healthcare needed clocks that could be in these sterile rooms and could be routinely sterilized with harsh chemicals without being damaged. They also needed a synchronous clock system that would stay synchronized under such conditions.

The cases for these clocks had to be sealed and couldn’t have any type of paint flakes or corrosion. Baxter Healthcare purchased forty DC-40 clocks in stainless steel NeMA4X enclosures. NeMA is the National Electrical Manufacturing Association. There are various NeMA ratings and guidelines that specify the type of protection needed pertaining to metal enclosures. NeMA4X simply means that the enclosure provides protection from dirt, dust, and water, and is resistant to corrosion. Baxter Healthcare also purchased forty regular¬†DC-40 clocks for other areas of their plant that did not have to have a NeMA enclosure. Both sets of clocks also ran on the EZ Time system. EZ-Time includes the EZ-Time software, master transmitter, and wireless relay module. EZ-Time makes traditional master clocks obsolete with an intuitive interface that provides scheduling, silent paging, and countdown timers as well as keeping the clocks on atomic time, or your system time. The master transmitter requires no site license, yet provides up to 60,000 sq. ft. coverage. The wireless relay module provides two-zone control for bells, door locks, intercoms, etc.¬† For the larger areas of their plant, such as shipping and receiving, they purchased three DC-80 clocks, which are larger and use individual LED’s to increase viewing distance. To find out what DC-Digital can do for your business, visit our website or contact us.

DC-40 Nema 4x enclosure System Clock
DC-40 Nema 4x enclosure System Clock
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