BCD, “Set n Forget” switches for DC-Digital Countdown Timers

BCD Rotary Set switches adjustment technique

DC-Digital Countdown Timers and Clocks use BCD (Binary Coded Decimal switches) to allow the customer to set the preset countdown time and
1) Never have to worry about batteries.
2) Never have to worry about power loss.
3) Never have to worry about trying to remember what time they had set the timer for.

Generally we mount them to the enclosure but they can be mounted remotely in a enclosure up to 500 feet away wired or 300 feet wireless. Each switch value (0-9) can easily be changed with a slotted screwdriver. Each switch represents a digit location on the display. Then the customer would need to only reset and start the timer by top mounted push-buttons, a PLC contact closure, PNP voltage source, a relay or a sensor. See DC-Digital Countdown Timers and Clocks for more details.

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