DC-60T-UP Count up timer to count how long patrons can hold their breath
Count Up timer

How long can you hold your breath?

The Ft. Worth Zoo wanted to demonstrate that a Hippopotamus can hold its breath for approximately 5 minutes. How long can you hold your breath? Test yourself against the timer by the exhibit! For Hippos, rising to the surface for air is known as an involuntary response. If a hippopotamus …


Glynn County schools JR. ROTC program and DC-40 down timers

Recently, custom master/secondary units were manufactured for the Glynn County schools JR. ROTC program. These timers were customized to fit their needs at the gun range. These units consist of 1 master DC-40T-DN-W, and 3 secondary DC-10T-DN-W units. The controller can set the timer value with a wireless RF remote …

2.3 Inch LED wireless controlled Multi-Purpose Multi-Function Digital Timer

DC-256 Wireless Universal Timers For The Arkansas Razorbacks

The Arkansas Razorback’s football team has recently purchased 15 DC-256UTW Wireless Universal Timers.  These clocks have multiple functions including, up-time, down-time and may be used as a regular clock.  The display features 2.3 inch, extra-bright digits and it is blacked out all around for maximum visibility (which makes it look …

Custom Days without an accident saftey scorebaoard

Northfolk Southern Days Without Accident Timers Days without last recordable safety scoreboard

Norfolk Southern’s Conway Locomotive Shop has recently purchased a Days Without An Accident Timer.  This timer features sections counting up for days, hours, minutes and seconds.  It will count up to 9,999 days.  The display is Norfolk Southern’s own design that we put in front of our digits.  The timer …

Countdown Timer

Commercial Industrial Countdown Timer (DC-10)

A recent purchase was made of one of our most original products.  It is our standard DC-10 clock, but cumstomized to meet the customer’s important needs.  The clock meets IP 66 and Nema 4, 12 and 13 ratings!  It is made out of polycarbonate which carries a U.L. flammability rating …


FAQ – What is digit shift technology?

Q: What is digit shift technology? A: Digit shift technology electronically uses a 4 digit display to show 8 different numerical values by displaying the highest unit values as they are reached. Timer and clock displays can be configured to use this technology. For example: In the count up timer …

Synchronized Timers

Sierra Products- Honeywell Nema 4x Press Timer

The quality products that are made by DC-Digital have a variety of uses. Take Sierra Products for example. Sierra Products is a manufacturer representative for Process Technology, who provides wet process heating and cooling, among many other things. Process Technology provided an acid bath system to Honeywell. You may be …


Sea Otter Exhibit Timer

Did you know that an otter can hold it’s breath for nearly five minutes at a time? Neither did I, but it is true. I didn’t find this out until the exhibits department from The Bronx Zoo contacted Dc-Digital to develop a specific type of timer for their sea otter exhibit. Sea …