6 input sensor DC25 term counter increment decrement stainless weatherproof controller on white table DC-Digital

Recycle Bottle Electronic LED Counter with 6 lane Sensors

Hart Return Bottle Return Depot will be using DC-Digital’s DC-25C-TERM counter for handling the count and display portion of their bottle return business. See our complete Youtube Video on this counter. Bottle return companies have long been champions of recycling and environmental sustainability. To further enhance their operations, a forward-thinking …

Countdwon Timer Clocks Momentary Closure Contact Big Red Button Single Action Clock DC-Digital
Countdown Timer

“Streamlining Efficiency with DC-Digital’s Single Action Countdown Timer Clocks”

In the world of production lines and factory operations, precision and efficiency are paramount. Every moment counts, and that’s where DC-Digital’s Single Action Countdown Timer Clocks step in to make a significant difference. These specialized timers are designed for single-action relay countdowns, offering a convenient solution for time-sensitive tasks in …


FOREIGNER the band purchases another DC-40UT timer

The  band, Foreigner recently purchased a DC-Digital DC-40 UT.  The band uses the timer to manage how much time they spend on stage.  The DC-Digital DC- 40UT can be used to count either up or down.  It has a viewing distance of 200 feet.

4.0 Inch LED Clock timer with ad and Kiewit Name

Keiwit, Days without an Accident safety scoreboards

Kiewit stands behind its dedication to safety and letting everyone in the factory be aware with days without an accident timers. The two (2) days without and accident timers operate together as a system one controls the other. They will be mounted on either side of the factory for all …


Fort Bragg Orders 3 multizone Digital LED time clocks

Fort Bragg located in North Carlina has ordered and received 3 DC-25TZ-4’s, multi-zone digital LED time zone clocks. They are housed all in one enclosure. 12 or 24 hour user selectable by pressing set hours and set minutes buttons at the same time. It is very easy to set the …

Benedettini Cabinetry DC-25C-Push-Button-Remote-Control-Counter-2.3-Inch-Digits

Benedettini remote push-button counter

Benedettini Cabinetry Company purchased a DC-25-C from DC-Digital with a custom made wired remote. To keep track of their products and keep up with their orders Benedettini Cabinetry decided that they needed a industrial strength counter. They wanted the DC-25C with a wired remote which provided them an increment button …