Countdown Timer

Kings Island Amusement Park Wave Pool Timer

In 2012, engineers from Kings Island Amusement Park Soak City contacted DC-Digital looking for a timing solution for their wave pool. The Kings Island engineers were looking for a way to provide a bright, easy to read, countdown solution for their guests visiting Soak City wave pool. They wanted to …


God with us Church orders 4.0 inch multifunction timer and time of day clock

God with us church in Baytown Texas will receive a 4.0 inch digit multi-functional timer and time of day clock DC-40UTW. It will measure the time left or how much time has been spent while also keeping accurate the days’ time. They will be using it in their sanctuary to …

8 Individual set Countdown Timers in one, with remote starts
Synchronized Timers

Snap-On 8 Cycle Countdown Timers in One

Snap-On dips their metal parts into eight different chemical baths. Each chemical bath has a different cycle time. If a part sits in a bath for too long, or too short, the finish will not be acceptable for sale. Parts must complete all eight processes before inspection. In an effort …

Mitsubishi power Ship Date Timers and message board
Synchronized Timers

Custom Countdown to Ship Date Timers for Mitsubishi Power Systems.

Achieving ship dates are important to any production company. We have designed a custom countdown to ship date timer for Mitsubishi Power Systems. This allows for better organization in the manufacturing area as well as the shipping area. This timer helps the company, as a whole, stay focused on meeting their ship …

NBA Referee decision timer countdown timer

NBA Referee Countdown timer for critical calls

The NBA purchases (20) DC-25T-Dn Custom Countdown Timer custom countdown timers to facilitate critical playoff game calls. The referees would use this specific timer during a playoff game in order to quickly and effectively make a decision on a questionable call. They would start the timer as soon as the …